How to Develop & Launch a Medicine Delivery App Like 1mg?

How to Develop & Launch a Medicine Delivery App Like 1mg?
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The smartphone reign now has brought humans and technology closer than ever. Every tiring and laboured tasks have been conveniently dealt with using the dedicated apps. For instance, people now pay via apps for electricity, recharge cellular packs, order food in a minute, call family or friends with just a touch, and booking tickets for sports or travel. There are apps since the inception of smartphones that have been serving humanity for almost all the basic and complex needs. Almost every traditional business has engaged in the digitalization of their business, which has proven to increase recognition and growth. 

Speaking of digitalization, the world after the pandemic wave has seen its fair share of technological advancements. Our front line heroes, doctors, have been battling to win against all the odds at any cost. The digital Medical frame has been crucial during our worst-case scenario and the advancements in the healthcare industries have propelled developments into a new phase.

Though many benefited from the timely technological advancements, a rest were shut out from the old and routine normalcy of life. Even the most sophisticated locations in many parts of the world were struggling to find medicines and treatments during the pandemic. Meeting/consulting a doctor or buying a strip of tablets were difficult during the pandemic. The very common bridge that connected the public and the healthcare sectors seemed dark. But, life has its way of survival. Thanks to the technology for connecting the public with the healthcare professionals.

Since the on-demand delivery services proved to be effective and were the only way to serve the community needs was recognised.  The realisation of the potential delivery services provoked and kindled many investors and entrepreneurs to contemplate on entering a profitable business with conventional businesses. This perspective when discussed was a future-proof plan that seemed to brood harmony for everyone involved. When words spread like a wildfire, the market demand for such ideas into reality was overwhelming and well appreciated. 

This notion of new business policy created a profitable business opportunity. One such stream of healthcare sector app like 1mg was the leap of faith and was very successful given the testing times. A simple app that works with delivery services as its base. This meant the public can use the medicine delivery app like 1mg to place orders for medicines upon doctors prescriptions. This method saved time and was in view of the government safety guidelines.

The 1mg clone app did not just deliver medicines but was later chosen by doctors to offer their consultations and advice regarding any health concerns. Community of doctors found apps like these to be fervently helpful for them to connect with patients. The barrier that instated was ruled out with doctors using healthcare apps like these. 1mg clone script enabled doctors and users to connect and consult easily. With many intuitive features for both doctors and users, the app offered such an effortless experience at any time.

It is clear that the app like 1mg has sorted effective ways to connect the many sections of the public to mainstream healthcare. Any app having this potential solution niche will be revolutionary in the modern era. The importance of app like 1mg have been proven and are seen as rare charm stones in the eyes of many startups and entrepreneurs. But developing an app that suits all the basic medical needs and which must be simple for all the users will be challenging with all the thoughtful add-ons that will enhance usability. 

Enterprise-grade Features With Our On-demand Medicine Delivery App

Inside The Customer App

  • User Registration

The first step into the app is made simple where users fill up their details or can choose to sync social media accounts with our 1mg clone app and can maintain a single access account.

  • User Search Window

The user can search for the prescribed medicines like tablets, syrups, medicinal apparatus, etc by typing the target words. The search filters help users to narrow down searches and help to find the required searches quickly.

  • Scan and upload 

This is relatively a new feature where the users can scan and upload the prescription to place an order and get the required medicine delivered to the doorstep. 

  • User cart

This window as a feature allows the users to confirm their purchase or make a final adjustment before placing the order. The users can place the same orders in the future from the history.

  • Consult an expert

An important feature that sets our 1mg clone script apart from the rest. The user can quickly consult any physician regarding their doubts. This helps users to save time on finding doctors at their workplaces( clinics and hospitals).

  • Meal plan

Another thoughtful feature that has attracted the users to keep visiting our app is the in-app meal plan constructed with the help of leading dieticians and physicians to help people with a healthy lifestyle.

  • Track your purchase

The users can simply toggle to the “user order” window and can track the status of their order from the time of purchase until delivery. 

  • Returning orders

A critical feature proven to build trust with your users is the return policy where the users can return their purchase back to the pharmacies citing valid reasons. 

  • In-app notifications

A common feature but is very important for an intuitive relationship with the users. The app notifies the users about any information about the app, the medicines, the physicians, the offers, etc. 

  • Referrals

The users upon the successful referrals to their family and friends about the app will be rewarded with loyalty points and coins, which can be used to avail discounts on their next purchase.

  • Payment gateways

The final feature of our app like 1mg is the multi-payment gateway for the users who can choose between available multiple payment platforms depending on their convenience. A wallet built-in in the app helps the users to simply pay with just a few taps.

Inside The Admin App

  • Admin registration

The on-boarding process for the store owners and the pharmacists are just one and the same. They can create an account using a business email address or social media accounts.

  • Online Store management

The admins can update/edit/ manage all the details on their website. The details of the medicines, products, medical apparatus, etc are listed and explained for the users which helps users in effective and useful insights before purchase.

  • Product management

This helps the pharmacies to have clear and detailed information on their store inventories. Our 1mg clone script offers a helping hand about the product sale, movement, demand and restocking of stores inventories.

  • Rating and reviews

This feature is useful for the store owners as it helps them serve the customer base more effectively from the suggestions and feedback from their users.

  • Shipping and delivery

A special task window is assigned to track the orders and delivery management with in-app alerts for the store owners. They can schedule the delivery as per the instructions received from the customers.

  • Discounts panel

The store owners can choose a few products for a discount rate or can hand the user with referrals, vouchers and cashback.

The Development Cost Of An App Like 1mg

The development cost of an app like 1mg varies depending on many suggestions of the entrepreneurs apart from the product price. There are several factors that affect the development cost which includes customization, features and functionalities.

The design type and the app frame when is subject to change as per the wishes of the clients can add up to the cost structure. The platform where the app to be launched will also be another major factor. The technology stack that helps the product to take life will affect the cost of development.


The perceivable chance for entrepreneurs planning a profitable venture into the healthcare sectors is now made possible and easy with our app like 1mg. It is proven to be scalable in the global market and our 1mg clone script has its way of climbing the ladder of success. With our support team working year-round and 24/7, the dream of an entrepreneur to shine in the major leagues will become our goal.  An effective solution to enter the digital world by lending the service to the community is always appreciated by the market investors and the general public.

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