How to escalate the pace of recovery after undergoing a hair transplant procedure?

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When you have just undergone a hair transplant in Punjab, then you should not become free as a lot is left in the journey. Immediately after coming into the sense from the effect of the anaesthesia, you will step into your recovery period. The recovery period decides whether the hair transplant cost is in vain or it has resulted in the desired outcomes.

How to escalate the pace of recovery after undergoing a hair transplant procedure?

So in this article, we shall be helping you to get acquainted with some of such tips which can help you to increase the pace of the recovery.


Do not touch the transplanted hair

For a good 3 to 4 months, you are not allowed to touch the transplanted hair. Gentle touches are allowed even after 1 month. So make sure you are not aggressively touching the transplanted hair. If you do that, then it will either result in the dislodgement of the hair or the complete shedding off.


Do not respond to the itching sensation

The scratching is the only way by which you can respond to the itching sensations. But you should not do that. As if you will do this way, then the transplanted hair will never help to come out with the shedding results.


Do not eat junk

Junk food should completely be avoided as it is supposed to add harmful toxins to the bloodstream. The blood flow is of quintessential importance in the recovery period. So these kinds of food items are to be avoided.


Do not get engaged in the strenuous activities

The strenuous activities will always cause you to sweat and sweat is not a favourable condition in the recovery period. This Is the main reason why gyming and other exertion causing activities are supposed to be restricted during the recovery period.


Do not expect too much

By expecting too much, we mean, counting on unrealistic expectations. These expectations will always let you frustrate or infuriate in the end. So do not expect what can not happen.


Do not worry if hair sheds off

After the period of 3 to 4 months, the transplanted hair is supposed to get shed off, as these are making the space for the new hair to grow. You should not start worrying when the hair starts shedding as it is a completely natural and ought-to phenomenon.


Do not take the bed rest

If you are suggested to stay away from the exertion causing activities, then it surely does not mean that you should be relying on complete bed rest. Sitting or lying on the bed all the time will eventually lead to disrupted blood flow.


Bottom Line

These tips are crucial to be taken care of when you are in your recovery phase. You can only get the desired results if you’re not giving a miss to any of the adobe mentioned points.

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