How To Fit Your Products In Shipping Boxes

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In the competitive business race. good or bad, your product presentation matters a lot. This is the main reason many world’s famous companies have been using specialized boxes to do their shipping. Perhaps you have acknowledged how these custom shipping boxes have been playing the most important role in delivering your valuable products, but since these boxes come in various types, how to fit your products in them? Which type you would need?

In the business world dominated by e-commerce companies, whether you are a newly established business or already got a great reputation, shipping your products might still be an overwhelming task to do. Why? Well, the fact is, when it comes to delivering your products to your respected customers, you are placing your business image on the edge. Thus, you surely don’t want to take any single risk to make it drop. Below are essential points you should follow the Insightful View on the Packaging when it comes to fit your products in shipping boxes.

Make Sure You Get the Perfect Sizes

The standard size of custom product boxes doesn’t always fit your products. In fact, if you would ship your products in the boxes which are quite small or maybe too big, then your products might arrive at your customers in damage, or worst, they might even not be shipped at all.

Another thing you should also avoid is higher shipping costs. This can be done easily by ensuring that your boxes will be a perfect, comfortable fit for your products packed inside. Does this matter a lot?

Well, the fact is, most of the packaging companies have only a few sizes to offer — even about 70 percent of their stock contains only three different sizes — hence, you would have to make sure that the cheap shipping boxes you are using guarantee for your products to arrive safely and ship efficiently. So, make sure to recognize what the standard size of boxes for your small business should be.

How to Measure the Boxes?

In order to find the right fit, first, you would need to find out about the best measurements for your desired boxes.

Noted that the dimensions you see on any type of boxes are always measured from the inside, and they will always be formatted by length x width x height. Now, what are these terms anyway?

Length is the first quantity to measure which is also the easiest one to be found on any boxes. You could measure the length as the lengthiest side of the box with a fold and it is typically measured horizontally.

Width measurement is usually the second in the context of the lengthiest side of the box. You can recognize it from the height measurement as it also has a flap and you could also measure it horizontally.

Height can be measured vertically from the bottom of the box, all the way to the top. Height is the only measurement which is not included the folds of the boxes.

How Heavy Your Shipment Will Be?

So, if you have decided about the size of your boxes, now it’s time to figure out how weight will affect your shipment.  To be noted, the shipping packaging boxes will not always cost according to how heavy your products are. Instead, the cargo companies will usually use a dimensional weight, which measures the volume of a box to help them ship efficiently.

So, in case if your dimensional weight is more than your product’s weight, then you would likely need to pay for that weight instead of the actual weight of a product that you need to ship.

How to Pack Fragile Products?

Since you have known how to measure the right box, matching your product size to the right box size will guarantee a comfy and safe journey for your product to go through.

However, there is a critical thing for you to note which is how fragile the product you need to ship. If you think that you would need a specific material to make sure your product will arrive safely to your beloved customer, then you could add 1-2 inches extra space on each side of your box measurements. This room can be used for additional stuff to protect your product such as cushion or bubble wrap.

Can I Create My Own Shipping Boxes?

Yes, you can! By working along with a reliable packaging service provider, you could create your own bespoke shipping boxes. These excellent boxes not only will give the most protection to your products, but they will also reflect your brand image in the most flawless manner.

As you are the business owner, you are the perfect one who knows your company, products, and brand image. Thus, creating your own boxes for shipping your products will be your cornerstone to reach more brand awareness. Plus, by having the perfect-sized of boxes, you could cut off the unnecessary cost production as well.

Final Thoughts

In this cutthroat market competition, your business needs to strive to win the race. By getting your products fit in the brand, durable shipping boxes wholesale could save your time and money in delivering your products while also presenting your brand image. Hence, these boxes are the best marketing device for you to win the race.

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