How To Improve Your Levels Of Sleep Quality

How To Improve Your Levels Of Sleep Quality
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Whether you have been suffering from regular nights lacking in quality sleep, or else have recently found that you are unable to fall asleep without staying up on the sofa until your eyes automatically close tight, then it is time to take positive action for yourself and try and improve your sleep levels.

With that in mind, here for your information are some practical tips and techniques to improve your levels of sleep quality and to helpfully enable you to fall asleep quicker and deeper.

The Supreme Importance Of Sleep

Everybody knows and understands that going to bed and sleeping every single night, after both a hectic and energetic day or even a relaxing duvet day, is of paramount importance. Those who try to avoid sleep can only manage missing one night, and even then, they are certain to feel the negative after-effects the next day.

What most people don’t realise, however, is that there is a myriad of other benefits to getting an average of seven to nine hours sleep a night, including but categorically in no way limiting to:

  • The ability to maintain or even lose weight
  • Improved productivity and levels of concentration
  • Substantially improve athletic performance
  • Improved circulation and lower blood pressure
  • Lowers the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes
  • Reduction in low mood and symptoms of depression
  • Improved immune system


Affordable Ways To Improve Your Chances Of A Good Night’s Sleep


If you are someone who struggles either to fall asleep or has no problem falling asleep yet has a hard time sleeping through the night without waking up on the slightest inside or outside of the room, then you should make the improvement of your sleep patterns an absolute priority.

The good news is that there are a wide range of affordable and relatively easy ways to improve your chances of getting enough quality sleep as you require. For more information about buying mattress visit Sleep Republic.




A professional massage has a host of benefits, including a reduction in feelings of anxiety and stress, a time and place to truly relax, increased energy levels, and perhaps most importantly, can lead to a better overall night’s sleep.

Booking a massage with an expert masseuse, like the resident massage therapists at will open your eyes to the multiple advantages of massage and help you to close your eyes quicker and for longer when you go to bed.


Ban Phones In The Bedroom


The artificial blue light emanating from smartphones, tablets, and even e-readers is specifically designed to draw the eye and can have harmful effects when a person uses them for too long and too often.

One of the worst complications from using smartphones in bed is that you give your brain and the rest of your body no time to relax and wind down, resulting in a disrupted and even substantially delayed sleep cycle.


Avoid Addictive Chemicals After 9pm


If the time you go to bed is around midnight or before, you should stop smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and avoid coffee entirely after nine o’clock every night or ideally before.

Nicotine and caffeine are both stimulants and purposefully keep the brain awake and alert, which is entirely contradictory to getting enough sleep.

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