How to Make an Affordable Move in 2020?

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You know what’s the biggest challenge in the process of moving is? It’s moving within the budget. To relocate to a new destination without burning the wallet is an art. Not many succeed in this process and I think it’s time to learn the chemistry of this art because, at one stage of life, we all move to a new destination. Here’re a few tips to help you master the art of affordable moving. Come, let’s begin the journey.

Host a Garage Sale

Do you know how much-unwanted stuff you have at home? If not, just start uncluttering your wardrobes and cupboards today. You will be surprised to find that about more than half of the household items are to be thrown away or are not used for more than one year or so. Just give away those items to reduce the luggage that you need to move to your new home. It’s a hassle to move unwanted items, plus it’s expensive to rent a bigger truck than you need. 

Hold a garage sale. Believe me, it’s fun. Also, it’s a classic way to earn extra bucks that can go directly into your moving fund. Don’t forget to clean out your storage units, as they are likely hot spots for lost treasures that could bring top dollar at the sale.

Gather As Many Quotes as You Can

While hiring moving labor, you shouldn’t limit to just one company. Instead, go for multiple names. I will say approach as much as companies you can and collect quotes. Once done with that, compare them and delve into the details. Remember that moving companies do not follow a common menu. What’s your demand might differ from the services they provide. But with more quotes, your chances to bargain for a better one are brighter. 

What are the Ways to Find More moving Companies?

One of the most frequent questions I hear is ‘how to find a reliable moving company’. Finding moving companies are not a big deal. You can get company names from the following options. 

How to Ensure that the Company is Professional in Dealing?

That’s a hundred dollar question. But do not worry as I have tips for you. Just check these facts before you filter down the company

  • Is the address on the website genuine?
  • Are the contact numbers functioning?
  • Can the website easily navigate?
  • Does it have a client feedback section?
  • Are the clients satisfied?
  • Can they handle special items?
  • Are they ready to negotiate?
  • Is the budget reasonable?
  • Does it have a license to move interstate?

Get used Boxes and Packing Materials

Purchasing moving boxes is a waste of money. Why not you use used boxes and packing materials from someone who has recently moved near you. This is a way to cut down packing costs. You can get them from workplaces, nearby grocery shops, online deliveries, or some friends. Used boxes are great, but just confirm that the bottom is secured using tape. 

Move at the Right Season

Has season got a role in deciding the cost factor? Definitely, it has. Moving in the summer can be expensive as most people move at this season. Plan you move in winter when traffic is minimum. This will strengthen your chances to bargain, giving you a better deal.

Can You Try Moving Pods?

Moving pods are the latest in the trend. Moving storage containers (PODs or Portable On Demand Storage) are generally less expensive than full-service movers. Its cost may fluctuate based on the size of luggage but is comparatively cheaper. 

To move cheap is not something impossible. All you need is proper planning and willingness to fit inside the budget. If you are serious about it, give a try. Follow these points and see the outcome. You won’t be disappointed. Move safe and move cheap. 

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