How to open a company for international startup

How to open a company for international startup
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I wanted to find out from the readers in which country it is best to open a company for a startup with a more or less international audience.

The basic wishes are pretty obvious:

  • Low taxes.
  • Security of the company and its bank accounts.
  • The ability to withdraw funds without any problems.
  • The convenience of accepting payments from other countries.
  • Ease of the procedure to open a company by foreign citizens.
  • Acceptable cost of servicing to open a company.

Payments must be accepted from different countries.


Depending on the goals of the company, they choose classic or non-classic offshore companies for registration.

Classic offshore zones have a set of characteristics that attract international business.

  • Zero and or symbolic taxation for foreign companies that are registered in an offshore jurisdiction, but conduct business (conclude transactions) outside this jurisdiction. Some states exempt companies from taxes completely, some give tax holidays for many years.
  • Minimum annual reports. Most jurisdictions do not require tax returns, auditors’ reports, accounting, structure reports, and other papers. You do not need to hire an accountant and waste time in the office.
  • The anonymity of the owners is maintained. Even if the jurisdiction has an open register company, the data of the beneficiary, directors, and shareholders can be protected by a nominee service. If anonymity is important to you, check with lawyers or experienced entrepreneurs how zones of interest to you are protected from attacks by foreign courts (some surrender without a fight).

Advantages to open a company which represents you

The Singapore authorities are keen to make it easier for foreign companies to start a business in Singapore. For this, new free trade zones are being launched, there is the possibility to open a company without the introduction of authorized capital,

If you are interested in the Singapore market but are not yet ready to take the plunge and start a full-fledged company, then the idea to open a company in Singapore is great which is also representative. Representative offices allow a foreign company to establish its presence in Singapore while maintaining full control of the business from abroad. This makes it an attractive option for companies looking to test the waters first. Many foreign firms have chosen this path. So what is a company in Singapore and what are the benefits of setting up one?

What is a representative company in Singapore?

You enter the right place because you are going to choose Singapore to start a company. In Singapore, this is the local office of a company or other institution registered in another country in the world. In accordance with Singapore law, a representative office is an extension of the parent company, therefore the parent company is responsible for any obligations of its representative office in Singapore.

Representation is a useful way for companies of all sizes to establish themselves in a country while maintaining overall control of the business. You are not required to transfer any ownership rights, and the structure allows you to quickly and easily establish your presence in the country. For companies that are not yet sure whether they want to start a full-fledged company in Singapore, or who want to “try before you buy,” opening a representative office in Singapore is a great option.

  • There is no requirement to deposit the authorized capital. Capital from the parent company will be transferred to cover all local costs as the dealership is only spending money.
  • You can explore the  Singapore market from the inside. a developed city located in the heart of a vibrant region and an increasing population.
  • Decide for yourself, but in any case, the number of possible partners and potential customers is huge here. It is easier to do a preliminary analysis from within a country.

Why set up a Company in Singapore?

First, it can be a very cost-effective way to enter the local market. If you are considing migrate to Singapore, the authorized capital is not required. And since there are usually fewer operations, the operating costs are low. You can retain 100% ownership of your company as the dealership is part of the parent company. In essence, a dealership acts as a powerful marketing and promotional tool for your existing business, allowing you to gain a foothold in the ever-growing Singapore.


The term depends on the country. Some states need a day for consideration

As a result, you will receive a certificate of company registration – the main document that is required to open a company.

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