How to Remember People’s Names

how to remember people's names
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Are you the kind of person who can remember faces well, but when it comes to remembering people’s names, you are at a loss? You hear the name one second, and the next second, it’s already out of your memory banks, lost somewhere in the ether.

It’s important to remember people’s names, though because it’s a solid way to build a deeper connection with someone. In this article, we give you tips on how to remember people’s names the first time you hear them so you never have to worry about this problem again.

Repeat the Name Out Loud and to Yourself

When you first meet someone, make sure to ask them for their name and then repeat the name to yourself out loud once and inwardly at least 3-4 times. This way the name will become ingrained in your memory banks and your subconscious will realize that it’s something important to you.

Write the Name Down Somewhere

If possible, write the name down somewhere, either on your phone or a notepad with a few details like which company they work for, or which university they go to.

Also, if they have a name tag, then make sure to keep glancing at it over and over again, so that you can ingrain their name into your memory banks. Do it discreetly – don’t be creepy about it.

Make Sure to Say the Name Once Again Before They Leave

When the conversation ends, make sure to repeat their name once again, as this will once again solidify the name into your memory. This will also build a stronger connection with the person as they will be grateful you remember their name.

Connect Their Name and Face to Something Specific

This is a memory trick a lot of folks use. You could connect their name and face to something specific, like a particular trait they have that’s unique.

For example, if you meet a person named Sarah who wears a lot of makeup and has funky hair, you could perhaps associate Sarah with her bright blue eyeshadow or her pink hair.

You get the idea. This connection should be something memorable. Don’t use the same connecting trait with several different people since you will get confused.

If the person has some truly unique trait or character, like a mole on the left side of their face or a pronounced limp, then make sure to use that trait to remember their name, as it will stick in your memory easier and longer.

Memory Skills – How to Remember People’s Names

Everyone uses different memory tricks to remember important things. It’s easy to build the skill of remembering people’s names if you pay attention and use the tips mentioned above.

Now that you know how to remember people’s names make sure to practice this skill whenever you go to a party. Also, read through related articles on our website and keep building your knowledge base.

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