How to select the best brake pad company?

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Nowadays the brake system has come a long way from the mechanically operated brake shoes to computer-controlled ABS systems. All the brake parts after some time need replacement due to wear and tear. Among them, brake pads are abused most and so they wear out easily. Therefore choosing the right brake pad is essential. So it becomes vital to buy brake pads from reputed brake pads companies.

What are the features of the best brake pads?

The best brake pads have the following features:

  1. Good performance in any weather 

A good brake pad will perform well regardless of the weather conditions. It can perform in hot, cold, dry, muddy,and wet weather conditions.

  1. Friction reaction to temperature 

This is the reaction of the brake pad in any temperature. It is the ability of the force applied to the pedal in an emergency braking and regular braking.

  1. Durability 

Another important feature of a brake pad is its durability.So it is necessary to check the lifetime of a brake pad along with the rotor as both of them is susceptible to wear and tear.

  1. Hot bite and the cold bite

An ideal brake pad should be designed in a way so that it provides the same friction whether it is hot or cold.

  1. Maximum Operating Temperature (MOT)

This is the maximum level of temperature that any brake pad can read before it becomes disintegrated and unsafe.

How to select the best brake pad company?

Before selecting the best brake pad company few things are needed to be examined for example the reputation of the company, warranty on the product, durability, certification of the company.

Here are some of the features of a good brake pads company:

  1. International standards 

While choosing the best brake pad for your vehicle a company with international standards needs to be chosen. Some companies use none ABS system while some companies use ABS systems. A brake pad company that uses the latest technology should be taken into account while buying the best pads.

  1. Performance orientated use

A company that manufactures and designs brake pads for performance-oriented use is the best in the industry. These brake pads are tested for performance along with the safety of the vehicles. Also, they are checked for wear and tear and made to last long.

  1. Trusted brand name 

A company with a trusted brand name produces the best brake pads. Their brake pads are tested for safety and durability. Brake pads can be a lifesaver. So it is better to buy a brake pad from a trusted brand rather than a cheap manufacturer.

  1. Warranty on the product 

A good brake pad will always come with a warranty period. So you can decide before purchasing by taking into account the warranty period.

  1. Certified company 

Always buy brake pads from a certified company. There are various certifications like ECER 90 certified, dynamometer testing, CANADA, and NUCAP licensee. These companies will provide valuable and trusted products.


Therefore it is best to buy brake pads from trusted brake pads suppliers.

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