How to Send Flowers to Someone

Send Flowers to Someone
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Did you know that different flowers each have a unique meaning? For example, the lily of the valley symbolizes purity, while hyacinths are a sign of enduring love. So there’s far more than colors or someone’s favorite flower to consider when choosing a bouquet.

Of course, the selection is just half of the process. You also have to consider how to send flowers to someone: be it a friend, colleague, or loved one. And if they don’t live nearby, it must be delivered.

Read on to learn about sending flowers online or offline.

Ship Flowers Using a Local Florist

The traditional way of sending flowers is by visiting your local florist. This way, you can physically see and choose the flowers you want in person. You can also assess the quality of the arrangements and the freshness of the plants.

Most florists have pre-arranged delivery methods, depending on whether you’re sending locally or out of state. So there won’t be much, if any, wiggle room on rates.

Order Flowers From an Online Florist

Another option often used nowadays, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic had us all housebound for a few years, is to send flowers online.

This method is similar to visiting a physical florist store. However, you don’t need to leave your home! Instead, you browse floral arrangements on a website, pay electronically, and choose your shipment method.

For example, you can build your own bouquet online or bundle flowers with other gifts like chocolates, plushies, or fine wine.

Order and Send Dried or Faux Flowers

Is your gift recipient allergic to pollen? Perhaps they prefer permanent gifts they can keep and build memories around. In these cases, dried or faux flowers are the perfect solution.

Shop Etsy to find handmade silk, wool, or even porcelain bouquets. Amazon has a heady array of highly realistic plastic and dried flowers.

Offline, check out your local farmers or craft markets. If money is tight, you could create a fantastic bouquet by browsing the faux flower options at thrift stores. You’ll be surprised by what people donate!

Give the Gift of a Living Plant

If you have a passionate gardener in your life, why not pay a visit to your local plant nursery? Send flowers today, but with a twist.

You can purchase a flowering shrub, climber, or even a tree. They can plant in their garden, and they’ll think of you whenever they go outside.

How to Send Flowers to Someone: Explained

Pretty much everyone loves receiving flowers.

They’re beautiful to look at, eco-friendly, and sometimes even heavenly scented! It’s even better to be surprised by a stunning bouquet at home, work, or school. Learn how to send flowers to someone, and you’ll be prepared for any special occasion.

For more advice on the best gifts for your loved ones, browse the other articles on our blog.

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