How to Use a Square Pizza Steel and Flat Grill

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Whether you are looking to wow guests at a dinner party or create a memorable  backyard grilling experience for you and the family, recipes using a square pizza steel and Weber flat grill are delicious and easy to make. These tools are essential for the average home chef and create an elevated culinary experience for you and your loved ones.

Pizza Steel

With a square pizza steel, you’ll be able to make perfectly baked Detroit-style pizza as well as square flatbreads to share. Detroit-style pizza is known for its rectangular shape and thick crust. A pizza steel is precisely the tool you need to make perfect homemade pizza. Baking steels help maintain high oven temperatures by retaining lots of internal heat. This allows your pizza to get extra crispy and can also reduce cooking time. As with any homemade pizza recipe, be sure to chill and rise your dough twice before preparing to bake it.

The process for making flatbread will be similar to pizza, but feel free to experiment! Try your hand at classic flatbreads with olive oil and herbs, or delve deeper and try out naan bread. You can use a regular oven for flatbreads and place the square pizza steel inside that, but for naan you’ll need a grill that you can place the pizza steel on top of, as well as a grill cover.

Weber Flat Grill

A Weber flat grill or griddle, is perfect for preparing a full breakfast complete with pancakes, bacon, sausages, and hash browns or perhaps a delicious seafood dinner. You can even use it to heat up a panini for lunch. The flat grill is versatile, easy to use, and can be found in many eating establishments from diners to high-end restaurants. Flat grills can manage multiple food items at one time with the use of multiple heat zones. Thanks to its precise temperature control, you’ll be able to cook ingredients to perfection.

There are dedicated Weber flat grills for outdoor grills which are made of uncoated steel ans can be placed on the grill alongside a griddle. The best thing about this setup? You will be able to cook on both the griddle and the flat grill at the same time. This means you can cook barbecue meats like brisket, steak, and chicken as well as quesadillas, burgers, kebabs, and vegetables all at the same time. Just like that you can serve a small party of people seamlessly and efficiently. Cleaning both cooking tools is easy. Simply use room temperature water, heat, and a spatula for scraping, to easily restore your Weber flat grill and square pizza steel to its original state. After the surface has cooled down, scrape any food scraps or oil off the steel or flat grill with a spatula and some water. For hard to clean particles, pour water on the hot griddle for easy scraping. To maintain the stick-resistant coating, avoid using cold water or soap on the hot griddle, and be sure to coat the surface with a little bit of oil before storing.

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