If you are not an ED patient can you use Cenforce?

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Are you finding online whether you can use a generic Sildenafil drug even when you don’t have ED? If you did not get any conclusive answers so far then it is time for you to get it now.

In this article you are going to be informed about the uses of Cenforce 100 and whether it is safe for someone to take this drug when they are not suffering from ED.

Getting to know what Cenforce can be taken in for

It is a PDE-5 hormone inhibiting substance called Sildenafil Citrate Which is also the same active ingredient in Kamagra oral jelly.

The PDE-5 hormone inhibiting family is not small but large and contains a few generic elements. The generic substances that come under this category include Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil Citrate, Vardenafil Citrate, and Avanafil Citrate.

Being from the same family of drugs means that there is some particular commonness in the working principle but we will understand that later.

From now on, let’s try and understand what the use of this generic Sildenafil-containing medicine is…

It is used for curing ED or erectile dysfunction problem or the penile hardness problem in men which is a sexual disorder.

Understanding what ED is…

Doctors and scientists will prescribe the ED drugs to the ED patient because this is the group of patients from whom these drugs have been formulated. There is not just one or two but many brands of ED medicines each containing one generic substance.

Even with one generic substance, you can get many brands of ED drugs.

ED is a problem that does not allow a person to have hard erections. Another form of ED is when people get erections but are hardly able to maintain them.

Unable to have sex with their partner their sexual life is in complete disarray.

Reasons for ED-

Let’s also briefly know about the causes of ED-

The reasons for ED can be any physical or psychological problem.

Physical problems-

       Cardiac diseases




       Nerve disorders

Psychological problems-





Do you drink a lot of alcohol and are addicted to drug intake and made it a form of life? Then you can be prone to having ED in your life unless you already are suffering from it.

Are you having any of these above-mentioned symptoms?

You will not somehow get a harder erection despite all the foreplay and stimulation.

Okay, but what if you are not seeing any visual clues of ED symptoms?

We recommend that you consult an experienced doctor on this.

This way you will be able to confirm whether you have ED even when you are not 100% sure.

The doctor is likely to recommend some Online Medical Card tests such as blood tests, urine tests among others to find out if you have ED.

Recreational use of the ED drug

After all types of negative confirmation we suggest that you do not use Vidalista 20 or any other ED drug for that matter.

But one survey has found out that the use of ED drugs among non-ED patients is increasing. Those who are not having ED would benefit from using the drugs because of their easy availability online on so many different websites or even from physical medicine stores.

Another reason for this easier availability is that not all ED drugs are FDA-approved.

FDA-approved ED drugs are Fildena 100, Tadalista, and a few others.

But there is a large part of ED drugs that are not FDA approved and thus you can buy them easily without a doctor’s prescription.

It has been seen that patients are using the drug mainly to get a hardened erection for a longer period. They don’t seem to be bothered about the side effects or the contraindications but it is always the pleasure of having sex for a long time that comes to their mind first.

Drug abuse and its effects

One of the things that you should be concerned about is the drug abuse of ED drugs and their overdependence. Yes, it has been found that sometimes males who do not have ED may get overly dependent on it and even fail to have an erection by themselves gradually in due time due to over-dependence on the pills.

Side effects that a person may suffer from

Oh and if there is something to fear then at least it’s the long list of side effects that you should worry about the most.

Side effects-







       Blurry eyes

       Difficult to breathe normally




       Painful erections

       Lower libido


       Fall in blood pressure

So make sure that you are using any ED drug only after finding out whether you have ED or else we recommend you to go for performance-enhancing pills rather than using ED drugs.

Remember that the right use of ED drugs is to be done or else they always end up in the negative effects and on some occasions they can be dangerous too.

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