Importance of seeking treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction
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Sex is an essential part of a romantic relationship. For most people, a sexless relationship is considered dead. And to show how serious it is, lack of sexual pleasure in a marriage has become one of the leading causes of breakups.

Not being able to sustain an erection during sexual intercourse affects not only the man but also his partner. While it’s not anything strange, it can be a serious issue if it happens frequently or over an extended period. If it’s going to be every day, then, as a man, you may dread having sex or keep giving excuses to avoid it.

No matter how much your partner goes silent on it, it raises a million and one concerns. She could start feeling insecure. She’d begin questioning whether you still find her attractive. If she’s not strong enough, she’d also suffer in silence. As a man, you may also feel too embarrassed to start explaining the reason behind your under performance.

These little cold wars may eventually flare-up, setting your marriage on an inextinguishable fire. To avoid getting to that point, seek a solution as soon as you possibly can.

Defining Erectile Dysfunction

According to health experts, erectile dysfunction is a state in which a man is unable to sustain an erection during sexual intercourse. It could be a symptom of a condition like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, multiple sclerosis, or heart disease. Psychological problems like stress, anxiety, depression are also potential causes of erectile dysfunction.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Treatable?

Even though erectile dysfunction is known to destabilise many relationships, that shouldn’t be the case, considering that it’s treatable. Nevertheless, 100% treatment for erectile dysfunction depends on its underlying cause. To best deal with it, seek treatment for the physical or psychological problems behind it. For instance, you may choose to consult a psychologist if your erectile dysfunction is a product of psychological issues; you may also consider natural measures like workouts to beat obesity or go for surgery to fix the organ altogether. It all depends on what your physician will recommend after the diagnosis. 

Although treatment is the most recommended approach to dealing with erectile dysfunction, some choose quick fixes like the use of a penis pump or pills to give a boost. Even then, it’s worth noting that such strategies only help to eliminate erectile dysfunction for a period. Still, addressing the root cause is more rewarding.

Why Do Most Men Shy Away from Seeking Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction?

After noticing that they can’t sustain an erection, most men choose to avoid sex. They do this because they can’t withstand the embarrassment that comes with it. Avoiding sex and not opening up for discussion will not only hurt your partner but also put your relationship on the rocks.

The reason why dealing with erectile dysfunction is complicated is because most men choose to suffer in silence. A majority of men suffering from the condition don’t want anyone else to know. Could it be that your partner is talking about this problem with her friends? Such questions are likely to pop up if you aren’t sure about things.

The secret that most men haven’t learnt is that opening up is more beneficial than keeping silent. If your partner understands what you’re going through, it makes it easier for the two of you to walk the journey towards your recovery. Moreover, once your partner learns that she’s not the problem and that your lacklustre performance is a result of a medical condition, it becomes easier for you to maintain a strong bond in your relationship.

In this day and age, your partner is highly likely to walk away if you don’t perform in bed and she doesn’t have a clue why. So, before things get out of hand, bring up the discussion and have the issue handled with dignity and respect. Like that, you save your relationship and earn a partner to provide the support you need through your recovery process.

What Are the Benefits of Seeking Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction?

  • It’s Crucial for Your Mental Wellness

Erectile dysfunction is capable of causing severe and even long-term mental problems. First of all, it interferes with the bedroom confidence of a man. Bedroom confidence isn’t something a man can wish away.

Moreover, erectile dysfunction, by a significant percentage, is likely to deflate your ego and, consequently, lower your self-esteem. You may also be consumed by guilt, especially if it puts your relationship at risk. Such a prospect is known to reduce your feeling of self-worth. All these if you don’t handle the situation correctly.

It’s not just your mental illness. It could cause mental illness to your partner as well. The whole experience could stress her and probably push her into depression.

  • It May Tell of More Serious Health Conditions

Erectile dysfunction could be a harbinger of a more severe health problem. Some of the conditions that may cause erectile dysfunction even in their early stages include heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes, among others. Whatever the cause, it’s always essential to look at erectile dysfunction as a physical condition rather than a sexual one.

  • Treatment Could Restore Happiness to Your Marriage/Relationship

If you’re going through erectile dysfunction in silence, you may not fully comprehend how it impacts on your partner. Whether you’re already undergoing treatment, you must open up to your partner about your condition. Doing so will improve your communication and bring happiness to your relationship.  

By opening up about your condition and roping in your partner in your treatment journey, you forestall a plethora of challenges that your relationship would face if you acted otherwise. According to medical research, many partners have managed to restore their relationships by addressing erectile dysfunction through treatment and proper communication.

Conclusion As we’ve seen, erectile dysfunction isn’t the end of the road for partners. How you deal with it will determine its impact on your relationship. Always remember that dealing with erectile dysfunction at an early stage is the way to go.

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