How to Improve Ecommerce Bounce Rate?

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Top 7 Tips to Improve Your Ecommerce Bounce Rate

Ecommerce bounce rate is one of the biggest challenges in their progress path. When the website visitors leave the site after only visiting a single page on the whole website, it denotes the bounce rate. The average ecommerce bounce rate is almost 45% which means that around half of website visitors close the site and do not explore further after checking the first page.

A higher bounce rate is quite alarming for the ecommerce sites as it means that the visitors are not exploring any product, let alone adding to the cart and completing the sales. A higher bounce rate will negatively impact the sales and make the website less popular among the target audience. So, you cannot just leave the situation as it is but have to decrease the bounce rate to improve your overall performance.

Keep scrolling down this article, and you will get to explore and learn how you can improve the ecommerce bounce rate.

Top 7 Tips to Improve Your Ecommerce Bounce Rate

Ecommerce bounce rate usually occurs when users land on the homepage, product page, or contact information page and leave without any further action. It means that you have failed to convince the user to proceed further or make the purchase. A single user leaving the site may seem harmless, but as the number keeps growing, it will negatively impact the business performance, so you need to step up to mold the situation in your favor.

Here are some of the major tips that can help you fix your ecommerce bounce rate and enjoy higher sales and website traffic.

Fix Usability Issues

The very first and basic tip to improve your ecommerce bounce rate is to fix the usability issues. It means that you need to watch out for the issues like glitches, broken links, 404 errors, and lack of mobile-friendliness and fix them. The business organizations who get the support of ecommerce solutions Dubai-based experts do not face bounce rate challenges, as they get the solutions perfect to attract more and more users.

Make Your Site Look Trustworthy

One of the major reasons for the high ecommerce bounce rate is the spammy-looking website. If your site is full of irrelevant ads or product display options, it will make the users uncomfortable and make them quit it immediately. So, make sure your site looks trustworthy enough and keeps the users engaged in exploring more and buying products.

Optimize Product Pages

Another key tip you can follow to fix your ecommerce bounce rate is to optimize the product pages. If your product pages showcase only the past trends and product details, they will instantly lose the interest of the users. Moreover, not including enough description is also problematic, so make sure to optimize product pages frequently to lower the bounce rate.

Fix Page Load Speed

One of the greatest concerns of the users that prompt them to abandon ecommerce sites without exploring new page is the problematic page load speed. In most cases, slow page load speed is the culprit and makes users quit the site. However, high page load speed is also an issue in the case of ecommerce sites and makes the users abandon the site. 3-second page load speed is enough to keep the users engaged and interested.

Identify and Fix User Objections

One of the most important tips to improve the ecommerce bounce rate is to identify and fix user objections. It means that you must analyze your website to look for the issues that are making users abandon your site. Typically restrictive pop-ups and the too lengthy ordering process are the main culprits. Fixing the objections of users will make them explore it comfortably.

Tempt With Related Products

Another key tip to decrease your ecommerce bounce rate and get the attention of the users who landed on your website is tempting them with a related product. It is possible that they viewed the product somewhere, which directed them to your product page, but they do not like it. Having a section of related products below the main one will surely motivate them to check it and will save you from an increase in bounce rate.

Offer Smooth Purchase Experience

Lastly, if the users land on the product information page and the purchasing details or experience is not smooth enough to please them, they will leave the site and increase your bounce rate. So, if you want to control your ecommerce bounce rate, you must offer a smooth purchase experience to your users. You can hire ecommerce solutions professionals and ensure to curate a smooth experience for your target audience.

Follow the Tips and See the Difference!

Following these tips will help you limit your bounce rate and enjoy more user traffic. However, if you are still facing issues and do not know what to do, get in touch with professionals and get the perfect solutions for your ecommerce site.

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