Install smart EV points at your place and have the following benefits

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Charging stations for electric vehicles are very helpful. These stations allow us in saving our money and help in protecting the environment. The major benefit of smart charging points is that you won’t have to stand and wait there till the time your vehicle gets charged fully. You can put in on the charge and go back home; you get it fully charged in the next morning. Just like you put your mobile phone on charging and leave it, you can put your vehicle on charging and leave it. As you will be electricity to run your vehicle, there will be no combustion of oil resulting in less or no emission in the environment. If you are looking to get EV charging points at your place, you can look over the web for EV charging India.

There are many benefits due to which you can plan to have EV charging points at your business. The following are the benefit of having EV charging points at your business place:

  • Gain tax advantage: You may or may not know but let us tell you that if you install EV charging points at your place then you will be able to get a deduction of 150000 rupees. With the help of this deduction, you will be able to save or decrease your tax liability. In addition to this deduction, the GST applicable rate on it has also been reduced. Earlier the rate was 12% but now the government has reduced it to 5% on the taxable amount.
  • You will be able to attract and retain high-quality employees: if you have smart EV charging points at your place then you will be able to attract those employees or prefer using electric vehicles, furthermore, you will be encouraging your present employees to use electric vehicles. Those employees who are using electric vehicles will be facilitated to a great extent. The employees will not have to spare their time to charge their vehicles. They can put their vehicles on charging while they are working in the office.
  • It helps in impression clients: if you install smart EV charging points at your business place, you will also be able to impress your customers in two ways:
  1. First, you will be able to create goodwill in front of those clients who are environment friendly. They will like to work with a company that is responsible for the environment.
  2. Attract customers with EVs: it will help you in attracting customers who own EVs. Let say you run a restaurant if you have EV charging points at your restaurant then more customers using electric vehicles will start coming to your place.
  • Helps in generating additional income: if you have smart EV charging points at your business place then you can also allow the outsiders to uses these points. You can charge them with some fees for this. Such fees collected by you will an additional income for you. You can put extra income earned into expanding your business.

These are the benefits of installing smart EV points at your business place.

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