Know the Top Factors that Affect the IVF Success and Failure

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Well, the success rate of IVF is different from clinic to clinic. Many factors affect the success rate such as age, dual infertility, smoking, alcohol, types of infertility etc. Here you will know the factor that affects success rate and the solution for these factors.


Age plays an important role in establishing the success rate of IVF. After the age of 35, the quantity and quality decrease with age. In such cases, it is possible to transfer only 5 embryos in such a situation. As a result, the age of the patient affects the success rate of IVF.

Dysfunction of Ovulation

Dysfunction of the ovarian is another essential factor that affects the success rate. The patient, who has a low level of AMH and a high level of FSH, generally decrease the success rate.

Variety of fertility issue

There are various types of fertility problems. Some of the problems can easily diagnose and that increases the success rate. While some problems are difficult or serious in which success rate goes down. For example, blockage of the tubal gives a good IVF success rate compared to the recurrent miscarriage or thin endometrium.

Repeated miscarriage or last pregnancy


Before going for treatment, the history of the previous pregnancy is essential to know. Repeated miscarriage is one of the important causes behind the low success rate. In this situation, it is difficult to deliver a baby for the patient!

Infertility Timing


The timing/duration of infertility plays a vital role in establishing the success rate. In such a situation, an increase in the age of women directly linked to the duration of infertility.

Use of donor embryos/eggs


After the age of 35, the success rate goes down in IVF. In such a situation, donor eggs from a young female are a good option. Age-related factors and the quality of eggs are important to track the success rate.

Dual infertility factor


There are many situations in which both husband and wife have an infertility issue. In this situation, the chance of success in IVF decreases. It is better to go with embryo transfer for improving the chance of success in IVF. Egg donation or embryo transfer also leads to a high success rate.


Smoking or other bad habits are not good for health. It is important to stop smoking at least three months before starting the treatment of infertility. It will enhance the chance of pregnancy or conceive a baby.

  • Smoking has many disadvantages and it also affects the general life of male and female. It reduces the rate of implantation along with fertilization rates.
  • Smokers need more IVF cycles to conceive a baby.
  • Smokers also need a high dose of hormone to regulate the ovary which leads to a low success rate in IVF.
  • In men, smoking is not good for health as it decreases sperm count, motility and increases abnormal sperms.


Lack of exercise is another major reason behind the success rate. However, exercise is good for health but it is essential to adopt those exercises which result in a higher pregnancy rate. For example, Moderate exercise leads to a higher rate of pregnancy in women but Vigorous exercise is not recommended.

If men are doing exercise for one hour three times a week then they can improve sperm quality and motility. Thus, do exercise and keep your body fit externally and internally.

Intake of Caffeine

Consumption of extra caffeine directly linked to the delay in time to conception. The average consumption of caffeine (200-300 mg/day) is linked to a lower rate in pregnancy but a higher rate of miscarriage.

Consumption of Alcohol

Alcohol is not good for health because it leads to a higher chance of infertility. Extra consumption of alcohol also decreases the chances of success rate in IVF. In men, extra alcohol leads to a decrement in sperm count, motility and per cent of normal-appearing sperm.

If you want to get a higher success rate in IVF then you have to change your lifestyle. It is better to avoid unhealthy items and select healthy things in your life.

Overweight or Obesity 

Obesity is one of the important causes for decreasing the success rate of IVF. Extra weight leads to a low success rate in women. In men, extra weight is related to low sperm count and motility. Even, weight loss helps you to enhance the quality of semen and erectile dysfunction.

Intake of drugs

It is important to stop the intake of drugs from today onwards if you want to conceive a healthy baby. Drugs are the main reason behind ejaculation problems and impotency along with sperm quality. Consumption of drugs decreases the success of IVF.

Extra use of cell phone

It is advised not to use the cell phone for a long time. The radiation of cell phone is harmful to ovaries, uterus and embryos. This radiation also decreases motility and improves abnormal sperms count. Thus, it is advised to use a cell phone only when needed!

Wear comfortable garments 

According to some studies, tighter garments increase the scrotal temperature in men which leads to reduce sperm production. It also decreases the success rate in IVF and you must wear comfortable garments to avoid infertility issues.


The success or failure of IVF treatment is closely associated with the factors mentioned above. If you want to consult an expert in this regard, especially in Bangalore, you can visit an IVF centre in Bangalore. The experts there will guide you properly.

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