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5 Common Laptop Issues You Can Solve It On Your Own Laptop Repairs In Morden
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A significant portion of the business sector is digital, and they require computer power that can accommodate this. Laptops have evolved from large and heavy to compact and lightweight over the years. Despite all of the advancements in power, size, capacity, and memory, laptop problems continue to crop up on a regular basis. Here’s a quick list of five of the most common issues by laptop repairs in Morden specialists and how you may solve them on your own. Visit website here

Five Of The Most Common Laptop Issues

Problem: The Issue Is A Loud Fan Or Heating Up Followed By A Shutdown.

Laptops are frequently moved around a lot. As a result, the fan’s air intake may be restricted. It also provides ample possibilities for them to draw dust and foreign particles into their cooling system via their fan portal.

Solution: Place your laptop on firm, flat surfaces rather than soft ones that may obstruct airflow. Compressed air can be used to clean out your fan. Limit the number of apps you run at once, as the more you have running, the harder it has to work.

Problem: The Laptop Is Running Slowly

This occurs frequently and could be due to a lack of hard disc space, virus, or the initial signs of device breakdown.

Solution: There are numerous approaches to addressing speed difficulties, but you can hire laptop repair specialists who can quickly speed up your system.

Problem: The Problem Is That The Battery Does Not Last Long.

One of the nicest aspects of a laptop is its wifi capability. But because we are constantly afraid of emptying our batteries and running out of charge, we are continually hard on our batteries.

Solution: First, make sure all of your charger cord connections are secure. Next, thoroughly deplete your battery and recharge it by leaving your laptop on until it dies. One of the most effective solutions in all of the technology is to completely drain its energy and restart it, the computer equivalent of a good night’s sleep. If it continues to fail more sooner than it should, you may need to replace the battery.

Problem: The Issue Is That There Is No Internet.

Laptops are notorious for dropping internet connection, which may be extremely inconvenient. Before presuming that there is a problem with the equipment, try these simple measures.

Solution: Most laptops have a physical wireless button or switch to initiate the connection; locate it and ensure it is turned on. Then, using the drain the power technique, re-boot your router, disconnect it, let all the electricity drain out for 10-20 seconds, then plug it back in. If you’re still having problems, use your control panel to troubleshoot your network connections. Finally, rebuild your network from the ground up to ensure that all of your connections are properly configured.

Problem: The Screen Is Black.

You open your laptop, turn it on, and hear it running, but the screen remains blank.

Solution: Unplug the power, remove the battery, and then press and hold the power button for 30 to 60 seconds. Reconnect the power cord and restart the computer. Then restart by shutting down again, inserting the battery, and re-booting.


If you try any of these do-it-yourself repairs and still have the same problem, it’s time to call in a laptop repair expert. Mobile Whiz UK are professionals in the computer, printer, server, and point-of-sale repair and maintenance. We also provide several types of service, ranging from hourly to contract maintenance. Contact us right away to get your computer difficulties resolved and your laptop back up and running. Book their laptop repairs in Morden service!

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