Listing Some Of The Best Neo Wallets In 2020

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It has been decades since cryptocurrency came into being a new digital concept that started with Bitcoin’s success. Soon, people became much interested in knowing everything about the latter cryptocurrency including Bitcoin wallets. But today our emphasis will not be on Bitcoin or neither on discussing Bitcoin wallets. Instead, we will be knowing some of the best Neo wallets in 2020. But first, let us know about Neo, briefly.

Neo Blockchain

Neo is represented with its own symbol NEO. The co-foundation behind this blockchain project goes to OnChain company and Da-Hong Fei. It was given a special name called ‘Ethereum Killer’. Initially, the name which is popularly known today was different before. We mean to say that in 2016, West, Neo was previously introduced with the name ‘Antshares’. The curating of this project was done initially after partnerships with certification authorities from China. The main objective was the development of smart contracts 2.0. According to market capitalization, at present, Neo stands among the brigade of top 20 crypto coins. 

Neo: The Ethereum’s Closest Competitor

Many experts have regarded Neo to be the closest competitor to the Ethereum blockchain. Where the development of Ethereum takes place with the use of one development code, Neo on the other side underpinned multiple development languages that gave freedom to the developers for the development of a diverse ecosystem. 3 years back, Neo made a remarkable growth before becoming stable. However, there has been some brewing confusion among the users regarding wallets that became prey to various scams.

Best Neo Wallets In 2020

Now, let us get back to our main focus which is introducing some of the best Neo wallets in 2020. So let us begin with: 

Neon Wallet

Neon wallet is the official Neo wallet. The City of Zion team is behind this independently developed desktop wallet. The developers of Neo have approved it with 100% surety in terms of wallet security. You won’t find any difficulty in installing this Neo wallet, because it is very easy to do so. No doubt, the new users will find it user-friendly. 


Coming on to next is Teemo. It is one of the best Neo wallets, introduced by the NEO community. The prime objective behind its launch was the connectivity of users with dapp, based on trust. If you are concerned about privacy, then Teemo is that chrome browser extension wallet that assures privacy in keeping the information of the transaction. The best feature that explains about Teemo is that it is an open-source communication network comprised of the public interface by NewEconoLabs (NEL).

Ledger Nano S

Now, this is one such Neo wallet that gathers praise of every crypto guru for being a secured hardware wallet, offline. Yes, we are referring to the Ledger Nano S, one of the adaptable Neo wallets on the market supporting 30 different cryptocurrencies or more than it. This Neo wallet is featured with two visual buttons that must be pressed parallel for the purchase verification to keep it away from hacker’s reach. Ledger Nano S also comprises an OLED screen. 


These are the top 3 Neo wallets that we have mentioned in this blog. However, there are other Neo wallets like Ansy Neo paper wallet, NEO CLI, Neo Tracker, Neo wallet, O3 mobile wallet, Neo GUI, and Aphelion wallet. If you are interested to gather information about these remaining Neo wallets, then better log on to the Cryptoknowmics website. It is a place, where every search ends. We mean to say if you are not satisfied with the search by visiting any other crypto website, then you can find it in Cryptoknowmics. Just type any keyword like Neo wallets and you will find all about it.

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