How to make wise use of Instagram Link in Bio

How to make wise use of Instagram Link in Bio
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As you know, you can’t add a clickable link in your post. Sure, you can put your links in the caption of Instagram posts. But once the post is published, the link will appear as text and can’t be clicked. If the audience is interested in it, they will have to type the whole text in their browser to reach the page connected to an unclickable link.

The link in bio is the only way to connect your audience to your brand, social accounts, product pages, or anything else you want to connect. This is the most powerful tool you can use to drive traffic and sales directly from Instagram to your targeted pages. Before we proceed further, let’s discuss the link in the bio.

What is Link in Bio?

While scrolling through Instagram posts, you might have seen the most repetitive phrase, “link in bio,” with bold letters, indicating that the audience should tap on the person icon to jumps into the profile section where they will see a blue link right under the website section. This blue link is called the link in bio.

The link in the bio feature is available to all users’ profiles and appears in their description/bio section. This link is included in the list of elements that contribute to the success of Instagram. Users can easily change or edit the link by just tapping the “Edit profile button.”

Like many people, you may also think about the importance of links in your bio. Am I right? This is because the bio link is one of the few Instagram resources that redirect followers to a specific web page. This means you can bring your audience one step closer to buying your products.

As mentioned before, individual posts don’t allow clickable links in their caption. You can put swipe-up links in your stories only when your account hits the mark of 10000 followers. This looks impossible when you have a fresh profile. That’s why a link in bio is the only great option for IG users to generate traffic and sales to their websites.

How to make wise use of your Single link in bio

As you know, the Instagram link in bio is the only option for you to bring your audience one step closer to purchasing products. So, it’s crucial to make the best possible use of this single clickable link.

I know you think that what if we have many business links? How can we share multiple links? Do we need to change the bio link every time we upload a new post or content? No, No, No, you don’t need to change your link. You can now share all of your content with one link. How?

Use Instagram Link in Bio Tool

Instagram link in bio tools solves this pain point. Using these tools, you’ll be able to create a landing page where you can host all your content, such as videos, images, blog posts, web pages, product pages, and everything you want to include. Let’s here to take a quick look at the following Instagram link in bio tools.


This bio, too is incredible. It’s 100% free for individuals. LinkBook allows you to create landing pages to host your multiple links, images, videos, and more. It has email integrations with Mailchimp. Not only that, but it also integrates with Google analytics. LinkBook offers the following premium features at zero cost;

  • It provides custom domains
  • Advance link tracking facility
  • UTM parameters
  • Social embedding
  • In-depth statistics, and many more.


This is the most famous Instagram bio tool. It offers free access to users to create a personalized landing page to house their collection of links. Linktree is easy to use and doesn’t require you to be an expert. Anyone can create a Linktree account. Once you create your landing page, copy and paste its page URL into your bio section.

Using Linktree, you can enjoy the following features;

  • It provides a free basic plan
  • linktree integrates with Mailchimp and Amazon
  • It allows users to add unlimited links even in the free version
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, phone call.


Campsite allows you to create a unique link so you can host your collection of links. It has integrations with Mailchimp. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface. This means you can get things done more quickly. Using campsite, you will get the following features;

  • A free version
  • Scheduled links
  • Customizable fonts
  • You can rearrange and edit links


When you’re allowed to have only a single link in the bio, it wouldn’t be nice to get more from it? Of course, it would be great to get a lot from it. So, it’s highly recommended to make wise use of the link in bio, and you can do this with the bio tools mentioned above.


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