Match your horoscopes before entering the wedlock

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When it comes to Vedic astrology, then a lot of people think of checking a couple’s horoscope compatibility before they are getting married. In most Hindu marriages, consulting an astrologer for this is also known as the Kundli matching process.

These days because of technological advancements, a lot of people can also go for horoscope matching online. Many believe that of 2 people get their horoscopes matched and if they are compatible to each other then they can have a happy married life ahead. The main motto of this is to ensure happiness after marriage.

Horoscope matching is also said to have a number of benefits. Not only one can learn about the compatibility of their partner but one can also be aware of the other essential aspects of marriage like what are the strengths and weaknesses of a partner and how well they will be financially stable in near future. How one can complement each other as a partner and how healthy their future children will be can also be known through this study.

There are many instances where the couples may not be compatible because of the presence of some malefic planet influences on their birth charts and these influences are termed as ‘doshas’. This can have a negative effect on their married life too. When there is kundli matching, one can detect those doshas and then they can follow if there are any remedial suggestions from an expert astrologer.

Poorly matched horoscopes can be a cause of worry. One has to find out that which aspect of relationship is at lack and one can take a step ahead to improve that. There are 8 major aspects in a kundli that are considered when they are matched. The total score that the couple gets out of those 8 aspects reveals that how well they are compatible with each other. There are various aspects like mental, physical and sexual compatibility.

It is said that if the couple’s score is too low they either they can avoid getting married in future, or they can go for some remedies (if there are) in order to avoid any further problems in the marriage. In order to get a successful marriage according to kundli matching a couple has to score at least 24 to 32 out of total 36 points.

There are many astrologers who also believe in zodiac sign compatibilities. So, they can also match zodiac signs of the couples who are about to get married and get a fairly detailed analysis of them in order to see how they will be once they enter the married life. It is said that before taking any major decisions, one must go for a detailed personal analysis. And for horoscope match one must go and see a reliable astrologer. It is a great idea to check the compatibility ratio of both the individuals if they are entering a relationship which is lifelong. This can also help them to get a hassle free conjugal relationship in future.

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