Mouth-Watering And Delightful Cake Starting At 499 For Any Occasion

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Celebration, Fun,  happiness, function,  occasion, but who is the guest of honor. I mean, who is the reason that gathers the people in one place on any occasion. Yes, that guest of honor is cake, that’s why we all order cake delivery in Delhi, for every occasion. Because it’s come in budget. Actually, not in the budget for all. Because for everyone, there is a different budget set for the cake. But everybody wants a delicious and fantastic looking cake. But at the same time, you don’t want to pay a lot because your budget doesn’t allow you for this. Don’t worry, today I have made a list of some delicious and tremendous looking cakes. The good news about this list is, all the cakes start from just 499 rupees. Because I know, there are many other expenses on the occasion. You have to pay for decor, gifts, fresh flowers, food, venues, and lots of other things. But we can try to cut excess expenditure without cutting beauty and taste.

Red rose bouquet cake

Mouth-Watering And Delightful Cake Starting At 499 For Any Occasion

This is a beautiful, red rose bouquet design cake. If you will look at this cake from a distance. It will look like a real flower. You can order this cake on any occasion. But if you will order it as your anniversary cake, Valentine’s Day cake, wedding cake, and yes on your birthday as a birthday cake. It will be perfect for any romantic occasion. There is no chance that anyone will not be amazed at a beautiful smile, after looking at this gorgeous cake. And the taste of this cake is mind-blowing. I don’t need to say anything about it’s look. Because you can see it here. And it starts at 499. So hurry up and order online for the coming occasion.

Belgium chocolate mousse cake

Belgium choco chip ice cream, I am sure you have definitely. If not, then try this cake. This is the perfect way to make any chocolate lover happy. This cake seems like the celebration of chocolate and chocolate. You can see it, this cake is decorated with different types of chocolate, chocolate biscuits, etc. You can order this cake for whatever occasion you want. Because this cake is like water, it will be settled on every occasion. And yes, this one also starts at 499.

Pink and white floral cake

This cake is not less than the fairyland in looks. The color combinations, flower combination. Everything is so classy and elegant. It’s like a pearl in the ocean. If you want to surprise your special someone, Don’t do much just go to any online cake delivery site, and order and bouquet delivery in Bangalore. In fact, if you are ordering this cake, then you don’t order a flower bouquet or send flowers. I mean, it is not necessary, but if you want to order flowers then it will be the icing on the cake. And yes, start at 499

Chocolate truffle cake

Hey, all chocolate truffle lovers come here. Because after seeing this cake, you will be unable to stop yourself from not ordering this cake. Because this cake is not chocolate in looks but also in taste, it is so chocolaty. It is perfect for every celebration. If you don’t want your cake to be big. This is perfect for you. And it is also in your budget, starting at 499.

Mango cake

If the celebration comes in the season of mango. I am sure like me, you will also want your cake mango. So here is the fresh mango cake starting with 499 rupees. And I don’t need to describe it’s taste and flavor. Because once you try this cake, you will forget the world and other flavors. And what can be healthy then this? Eating cake but in a healthy way, because of fresh mango in it.

Pineapple cake

The other cake in today’s list comes from a fruit family. Yes, this one is a pineapple cake. Someone loves pineapple or not, but the cake is everyone’s favorite. When you eat cake with the crunch of pineapple in the spongy and creamy cake. I tell you, that feeling is just out of the world and it starts at 499.

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