Mugshots- How Can One Remove Them From The Internet

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As the society we live in has always judged people. Every person is concerned about their image in front of their relatives, friends or family. Being one’s pictures published on the internet even for even a small crime can be embarrassing for anyone. These pictures are known as mugshots. Mugshots are pictures taken by police whenever they arrest anyone. These pictures take no time to be on the internet and can be published online in less than 24 hours. These mugshots pictures have turned into a business now. Once mugshots are published publicly. Several websites report them without any restrictions. These websites then charge separately to put these pictures down the internet. Hence, they turn these pictures into a business and the ones whose pictures are published suffer all this. Even if the crime committed is minor the person is treated as a common criminal as these mugshots get viral. Now let us understand this topic more deeply.


Some several platforms or websites help one in getting the mugshot pictures down free of cost. Once these pictures get viral many people further post them on their websites. These people then demand money to remove them, and this is a business for these websites. One should research and find some platforms that work to remove these websites. Many of these do the work without any money. Therefore, one needs to find an approved or trusted website.


One needs to get the mugshots removed as if they are not removed, with time several of these websites will start posting these pictures to create an earning from the pictures and one will have to suffer more. These mugshots can be embarrassing for anyone. Even if the crime was small or the case has been sealed or ended these pictures still appear on the internet. If the case was sealed, it is easy to remove mugshot photo from google as most of the time one won’t have to pay for them.


The answer to this question would be that posting mugshots are not illegal. Many courts or legislative system has started to put more attention to this topic. These mugshots are a part of the public domain and are not illegal to post anywhere. Many countries or states have now started to work towards this and making these pictures illegal to be posted.

To sum up, we can now say that mug shots are not illegal to be published on any website or social media but are significant for one to get these shots removed even if the crime committed is minute or case has been closed it becomes humiliating for anyone. Our society judges people based on these and hence, makes it difficult for any person to be with these mugshots. Therefore, one should find a trustworthy website and get these mugshots removed from the internet.

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