Natural ways to get relief from PCOS symptoms

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is a condition which many women can develop because there are some small cysts in their ovaries. This is not a very harmful condition but it can cause some major hormonal changes in a woman’s body. These cysts can lead to excess of production of androgen in the body.

The symptoms for PCOS can vary from one woman to another. Some have excessive body and facial hair while other start losing their hair. Some get severe acne and mood swings. Some has irregular periods and gain body weights. Though none of the symptoms is life threatening but they can be very much inconvenient for a person.

One can try some home remedies and best drink for PCOS to stay away from these unwanted issues.

  • First of all, one has to exercise on a regular basis. It is not necessary to go to a gym every day but one can go for a walk or a run. It is also a great idea to start with light yoga at home. The major problem of dealing with PCOS is that, one cannot lose weight that easily but regular exercise can give some relief from the symptoms in a long run. Also if one focuses on some lower abdomen exercise, then it can help one to shed their belly fat.
  • A timely and healthy diet can always help one to reduce the PCOS symptoms. One can abstain from eating fried foods and sweets completely. It is also a good idea to avoid high calorie food in general. One has t eat small and frequent meals rather than some irregular and large ones. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and one has to have a nourishing one. Adding fibrous food items to the diet like whole wheat bread and brown rice can be of great help. It is also a good idea to stay away from dairy products.
  • PCOS can affect the ovulation cycle. It can interfere with the menstruation and fertility. This can also make pregnancy difficult. If one has a stable ovulation cycle then it can control the PCOS symptom. So, it is better not to take any pill to postpone the menstruation cycle until and unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • One can drink bitter gourd juice to get relief from PCOS symptoms. This can help to control the blood sugar level in the body, Indian gooseberry or Amla juice also has a similar effect. One can mix lemon with water and add a table spoon of honey to it and drink it to control their body weight.
  • Keeping the body and mind stress free is also very necessary when it comes to PCOS issues. One can do whatever they love to do in order to relax their mood for the time being. Meditation can also help to keep the body and mind calm.

PCOS causes and treatments can be many and in extreme cases one will definitely need a medical intervention from the doctor.

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