Need a patient scheduling EHR? here’s our list of top 5 (2021 Updated)

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About Patient Scheduling EHR Software

Doctors sometimes become so engaged in their profession that they skip consultations. In this aspect, computerized Patient Scheduling EHR software has proven to be a lifesaver.  They’re made to help you keep track of your appointments and eliminate the hassle of no-shows and last-minute rescheduling requests.

These technologies simplify the procedure of scheduling patient appointments and keep track of the appointments’ follow-ups. Practice Management (PM) software handles the appointment cycle by gathering critical data from clients Its major purpose is to maximise patient visits while minimising no-shows and appointment cancellations.

In this piece, we are going to talk about the top Patient Scheduling EHR software. Before we move in that direction, let’s discuss some of the features a Patient Scheduling EHR Software must have!

Patient Scheduling Specific EMR Features

Appointment Management: The Patient Scheduling EHR Software allows patients to modify their appointment slots to fit their schedules. The time slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Communication: The capacity to interact through software and the elimination of the need to book appointments in person reduces staff workload and patient inconvenience.


Patient Visit Management: Patients’ visit duration can be recorded, and the visit can be divided down into different operations. Every step of the way, you can add value to their visits. Billing can be aided by time tracking.

Top Patient Scheduling EHR Software

  • ChartLogic

When it comes to Patient Scheduling EHR Software, one software that we can not avoid talking about is Chartlogic. The software was launched in 1994 and ever since then, users are obsessed with this particular Software. Setting up new or recurring appointments with CharLogic Appointment Scheduler is a breeze. It’s flexible enough to correlate with each doctor’s chosen schedule. Customers, as well as doctors, benefit from this feature as patients can schedule their own appointments keeping the calendar of the doctor in mind. ChartLogic EMR Pricing ranges from $100 to $500/provider/month.

  1. CareCloud 

CareCloud is a well known medical software when it comes to Patient Scheduling. Physicians can easily manage their practice’s schedule with a multi-view calendar and drag-and-drop online patient appointment scheduling. The software is very up to date and covers all aspects of Patient Scheduling. Front-desk staff are empowered with modern patient scheduling software that makes it easy to book and confirm appointments across locations. It helps in improving clinical efficiency majorly. With the help of the CareCloud patient scheduling feature, you reduce patient no-shows as automated patient reminders are sent to the customers, so you can make the most of your day.

  • AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD is a very popular EHR Software and the best thing about the software is its Patient Scheduling Software. Many users swear by this software and highly recommend it. Patient Scheduling Software takes care of all the appointments electronically. Not only that with the help of AdvancedMD, but patients can also easily cancel their appointments too via text, email, or phone call. This helps staff to fill up that slot with another customer. Automated reminders are sent as well to reduce the number of no shows or late arrivals. Automated reminders also include links so patients can confirm their visits. The entire scheduling process is streamlined. AdvancedMD practice management software is priced at $429 per provider per month. 

  • DrChrono

Fourth on our list of top Patient Scheduling, EHR Software is DrChrono. If you don’t already know, DrChrono is among the top EHR Software. The software was founded in 2009 and has been flourishing ever since. DrChrono Patient Scheduling EHR Software streamlined the whole scheduling process. Not only the appointment scheduling is taken care of but the software makes sure slots are filled with new customers if there are any cancellations. The Software sends out constant reminders to its patients to reduce the number of no shows. Patients can schedule their own appointments keeping the calendar of their doctor in mind. This way they can pick the most suitable time for them, increasing the probability for them to come to the meetings. The pricing details of DrChrono have not been published by the vendor. 

  • Kareo 

Kareo is one of the most well known EHR Software out there. The entire scheduling procedure is eased thanks to Kareo Patient Scheduling EHR Software. Not only is appointment scheduling taken care of, but the software also ensures that any dropouts are replaced with new consumers. To limit the number of no-shows, the software sends out frequent reminders to its patients. The administrative burden is also reduced as most of the work is done electronically. Kareo Patient Scheduling Software is very popular among its users. 

Final Thoughts!

Now if you are wondering which software will suit your practice the most, that’s completely for you to figure out. Our list of top 5 Patient Scheduling EHR Software is the top EHR software in this particular department. We would recommend you to read out as many online reviews as possible of whatever software you want to choose. We would also recommend scheduling a demo of any of the Patient Scheduling EMR software if you can.

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