The Biggest Global On Demand Service Platform: The Gojek Clone

The Biggest Global On Demand Service Platform: The Gojek Clone
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The Gojek Clone app is one of its kind. Even though there are hundreds of variants like the Gojek Business format, there is nothing else in the market like a mammoth Gojek Clone app that offers over 70 services just with a single download and single log in. As the world rapidly migrates towards a more tech based solution for practically all their needs, on demand services that can be hired through smart phones are at an all time high in terms of profitability.

If you have been planning to start your own multi service app based business then this blog is the perfect read for you. Today, we will attempt to dissect the Gojek Clone app’s flow in order to understand how it works. We will also try to understand how one can procure the best Gojek Clone app from an offshore company.

Understanding the Flow of the Gojek Clone app

The flow of an app determines how easy or difficult the process of meeting the app’s objective is. In this case, the Gojek Clone app is meant to facilitate its users to hire service providers of different kinds. Therefore, today we will see how the processes of that works like.

The user downloads the app on their smart phones and then logs in to it. The process of download and log in are absolutely seamless, because although it is a huge app, it is lightweight and can be downloaded quickly from the Google Play store and the iOS app store. The log in process can be done in one of 3 ways:

  • The user can log in either using their social media accounts like Facebook.
  • The user can log in using their existing email address, like Gmail.
  • The user can also log in by registering into the app by filling out a form that includes personal details such as name, address, so on and so forth.
  • Once the log in is done, the user might choose to create their profile in detail by adding additional information such as their credit card details in case they are interested in making online payments instead of cash.

After this, the user reaches the apps primary landing page. This can also be regarded as the home of the app where the user can see icons of all the services that are encompassed within the app. The number of services visible here will be determined by the admin of the application.

There are over 70 different types of services that are included within the app. Some services have smaller services within them. These services include:

  • On Demand Taxi Booking
  • On Demand Parcel Delivery
  • On Demand Food Delivery
  • On Demand Grocery Delivery
  • On Demand Other Store based deliveries (such as pharmacy, florist, bottled water, bakery goods, etc.)
  • On Demand Doctor
  • On Demand Beautician
  • On Demand Handyman
  • On Demand Plumber
  • On Demand Electrician
  • On Demand Babysitter
  • On Demand Dog Walker
  • On Demand Gardener
  • On Demand Maid
  • On Demand Cook
  • Many others.

Once the user reaches the landing page and sees all the service icons, they can click the service that they wish to hire. For example, if they wish to book a taxi, they can click on the taxi icon. On doing this, it opens up a landing page just like that of a complete taxi booking app.

Once they are on the landing page of the service selected, they can make their choices based on the categories of services. For example, if they choose the taxi option, they can then select the type of vehicle, number of seats and so on and so forth.

They can hire service providers as well. IF they choose the service provider option, they will be able to see a list o fall the service providers offering the requested services in their vicinity. Now, they can choose the service provider they like best based on their previous customer reviews, star ratings and of course the prices charged by them.

After the final selection is made, the user can either make an online payment using the app directly, or choose to pay cash after the delivery of the services. The service provider will reach the provided address at the designated time in order to deliver their services. Once the service is provided and the job is completed, the user as well as the service provider can rate each other based on their experience.


How to start your own Multi Service Business Based on the Gojek Clone app?

If you are new to this sphere of the market, it might seem like an intimidating task to get started with your own Gojek Clone App. However, it doesn’t need to be so. Look for a white label on demand mobile app Development Company that has built a Gojek Clone app. Once you find it, take it on a journey to discovery.

Spend at least a couple of weeks testing the app thoroughly across different platforms, different operating systems and different devices so that you know exactly what the app is like. Once you are satisfied, place the order for the app with the company.

When the company has effectively white labeled the Gojek Clone app for you with your logo and brand name, make sure that you also get custom changes such as integration of local language and integration of local currency done in the app before getting it launched on the Google Play Store and the iOS app store.

Make sure that the Gojek Clone app development company that you hire to build your app takes complete responsibility of launching the app on the app stores for you, and does not limit its services to just selling you a white labeled app.

Getting apps to launch on the Google Play Store and the iOS app store can be tricky. Sometimes, apps are rejected due to technical reasons. You don’t want to bother about getting apps approved because that is an arduous journey. Ensure that you speak very clearly with your development team regarding this beforehand itself.

On the whole, the Gojek Clone app is one of the fastest growing on demand platform that caters to multiple services in just a single download. If you wish to start your own business in this direction, it might be worth your while to buy the best Gojek Clone app in the market!

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