P2P Lending: What are the 5 Best Foreign Social Lending Platforms?

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What are the best P2P lending platforms? Where to start investing?

What are the foreign platforms that cannot be missing in your portfolio? You will find out in this article.

As you know if you read this blog, I have been dealing with P2P lending for years and I was  to talk about Bondora and Mintos.

I have written a guide to P2 P which I constantly update and which is among the most complete in existence.

For a year now I have begun to invest seriously with ever-increasing figures.

I follow the greatest world experts and study all the platforms and their evolutions.

I do not forget the risk of investing in this type of instrument.

In fact, in most cases, these are unregulated platforms, with a degree of transparency that is not always adequate and financial statements that are not always public.

While waiting to write a similar article on Italian platforms, which are always struggling to take off, today I’m talking about the best foreign P2P platforms.

They offer very high returns, even if in terms of taxation they can be a bit critical.

In this regard, for the Italian platforms, there is a 26% taxation on returns and taxation at source, done directly by the platform.

For foreign platforms, the returns are instead subject to taxation, at the time of the tax return, according to the marginal IRPEF rate.

In addition, a small tax must be paid, IVAFE (Tax on the value of financial assets held abroad) equal to 0.20% on the amount held abroad.

But let’s get to the list of the best Social Lending platforms.

I have chosen 5 of which I have also written complete reviews continuously updated, which you can find linked in the article.

In the comments, tell me your five favorites, giving me the reasons for your choice, if you also invest in this tool.

In this article

  • # 1 – Bondora
  • # 2 – Mintos
  • # 3 – SummerGuru
  • # 4 – Grupeer
  • # 5 – Crowdestor
  • Conclusions

# 1 – Bondora

Bondora is the platform I want to mention first because it is the easiest and most intuitive to get started.

I use it and I recommend it only in the Go & Grow version which is a sort of deposit account with a daily credit of interest equal to 6.75%.

It can therefore be used to park liquidity pending investment on other platforms.

Withdrawal and deposit are simple and the return is certainly high when compared to any other liquidity management tool.

It’s not guaranteed, but it has been consistent since its introduction.

I don’t recommend the Portfolio Pro and Portfolio Manager modes.

There is no minimum investment threshold.

If you want to subscribe and find out how it works remember that by clicking here and registering you will get a bonus of 5 Euros FREE.

# 2 – Mintos

Mintos is the European platform n. 1 in volumes and the absolute leader in the Social Lending market.

It has achieved these results thanks to very high returns and efficient functioning of its secondary market which allows you to liquidate your investment at any time.

Most of the loans also have a buyback guarantee, which consists in repurchasing the loan in the event of a prolonged delay.

Thanks to an AutoInvest strategy or investing through Invest & Access you will be able to automate your investments and achieve gross returns credit of over 12%.

It is the platform to study immediately, after entering this market.

The minimum investment is 10 Euros and at least at the beginning, you can start with a small amount to test the functioning of the platform and then invest larger amounts.

# 3 – SummerGuru

In terms of differentiation and portfolio, I put EstateGuru in third place.

EstateGuru is a real estate-backed short-term mortgage marketplace.

I place it in this position because it is an absolutely solid platform and because it allows for returns between 9 and 12%.

Unlike Mintos, these are loans to real estate companies secured by real estate, land, or similar.

I think it’s the best of the real estate platforms because, in most cases, it doesn’t make you invest in projects yet to be implemented.

Can’t miss it if you want to get serious.

You can start investing from 50 euros.

# 4 – Greer

Grupeer is a fast-growing social lending and personal loan platform.

It is an excellent alternative to Mintos and guarantees returns of around 13% gross.

The minimum investment is only 10 Euros.

It offers the buyback guarantee and auto-invest, which therefore allows you to automate your investments.

I placed it in fourth place due to the absence of a secondary market.

This absence (hopefully for a short time) is compensated by the seriousness of the platform and the high degree of innovation.

I think it will be one of the most important players in the P2P lending market.

If you invest until November 17th, you can take advantage of an exceptional cashback campaign.

You will get 1 cashback on new investments.

# 5 – Crowdestor

In the fifth position, I enter Crowdestor.

It is a young but very interesting platform that offers financing projects to companies and entrepreneurial initiatives.

The yields are high and the loan durations are variable.

The quality of the projects is diversified with a preponderance of small companies in strong growth.

In this sense, the risk of the platform is very high.

The investment starts at 50 Euros.

There are no bonuses for those who decide to sign up.


In this article, I have brought you my ranking of the 5 best foreign P2P lending platforms.

I have explained to you the reasons for choosing these platforms which, in my opinion, are the most solid and are destined to have an interesting and growing future.

This does not mean that the activity in this type of instrument is very risky.

So I remind you to invest in P2P lending only what you can lose.

Obviously, by differentiating between platforms you can partially limit the risk, even if you will never eliminate it.

Differentiation is very easy, given the minimum investment which is very low for all the instruments presented.

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