Packaging Bags for your Small or Large Business

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Packaging Bags for your Small or Large Business
Packaging Bags for your Small or Large Business

Packaging Ideas for Small Business: The Ultimate Guide

Packaging Ideas for Small Business

In this article, we are going to take a look at ten ways of packaging your product, including packaging ideas, how to have a repeat customer, and much more.

By taking the time to package your products in a fun and fun way, customers are more likely to shop in your store again, hopefully leading to a recurrence in the future! This is a small but effective strategy to help you get more sales, and in this guide, we’re going to look at simple but effective ideas to help you package your products to please customers!

We’ll also take a look at tips and tricks that worked for other organizations as well!

1. Pattern polymer

Patterned poly mailers are a great way to delight your customers. You can easily buy these at Amazon or Etsy stores. If you buy in bulk, you are more likely to get a discount!

The poly mailers in the picture below are a perfect example of patterned poly mailers; With a delicate pink background and bright, fun figure, this Polly Mailer would put a smile on my face if I saw it!

2. Tags

You can add some tags to your product packaging, for a nice effect!

When yarn, or combined with red and white yarn, you can create a beautiful vintage effect, which looks amazing!

Stationery sails often do this, and it looks amazing every time. Many YouTubers who make unboxing videos of stationery sail parcels are always fascinated by the beautiful small business packaging.

Such small touches can look amazing, and encourage repeat customers.

4. Twin and kraft paper

A popular combo consists of twin and kraft paper, where you wrap the products in kraft paper and then add some yarn around the package. It creates a beautiful and elegant effect, which I am sure customers will love!

The combination of kraft paper and twin is a particularly fun combo, which many customers will love to see and will be delighted to receive. I myself am a huge fan of this aesthetic! This aesthetic works well with handmade products such as homemade soaps, handicraft items, and more.

5. Lace

Here and there a dash of ribbon can look amazing! For example, you could try adding some ribbons to a package by wrapping it around gift paper or tissue paper.

All kinds of ribbons are available from red ribbons to metallic ribbons and even shiny ribbons! You can find these innovative items in craft stores or online through the Etsy store. I would definitely recommend exploring the available products!

The red ribbon works nicely with draft paper packages, but the striped ribbon can also add a postal touch.

I would recommend sealing the bag with a sticker for additional improvement. It also helps to hold all the items inside the paper bag, as they will not want to drop when the customer opens the poly mailer!

7. Add a thank you card

For example, you can print custom postcards via Vistaprint. custom packaging bags can greatly enhance the professionalism of your brand.

Thanksgiving cards can encourage repeat visitors, so if you’re hoping to implement one of these packaging ideas for your small business, I would definitely recommend adding at least one thank you card!

8. Add some small freebies

You can give a small gift in your customer’s parcel for a thoughtful gesture. This ensures many customers a day, and they will definitely be more likely to shop in your store again!

Or if you own a soap company, you can provide a small, sample gift soap for customers to try! Other companies like Lush do it regularly in their own stores and it certainly makes the day to get some of my free samples! Customers can also test new products through the samples provided, so think of it as a marketing opportunity!

9. Wrap pattern gift

I have provided an example image below, which shows some beautiful gift paper that will definitely put a smile on my face!

From geometric patterns such as stripes and polka dots to celestial-themed wrapping paper, there is a pattern that reflects the unique nature of your store. Be sure to explore the various options available online at the Etsy store and Amazon as well.

10. Tissue paper

You can wrap your product in tissue paper for a beautiful finish. Simply place your products on a large square of tissue paper, then wrap the paper over the gift. You can add a beautiful sticker to seal the product inside, and your packaging is done!

All types of patterned tissue paper are available online, especially at Etsy stores. Take a look at the products available in this store, you will find some tissue paper that will match the aesthetics or vibrancy of your store.

There is a huge variety for you to choose from, from floral patterns to gold foiled patterns and much more.

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