Physical Therapy EHR Software: 4 Platforms That Actually Work!

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What is EHR?

EHR stands for Electronic Health Records and is slowly revolutionizing the practice of medicine the world over. An EHR or EMR system basically digitizes all the paperwork you might have in your practice; from patient records, to test results and even prescriptions. A good EHR system could help your practice essentially become paperless and three times as efficient as it is right now! So if that intrigues you, then read on ahead to learn more about how a Physical Therapy EHR software could help you in particular and which one you should be on the lookout for! 

What you Should Look for in a Physical Therapy EHR?

As a Physical Therapist, you will need an EHR software which is the best Physical Therapy EMR. You might be wondering what the difference is? Well, it’s small but incredibly important! A Physical Therapy EMR software will be best suited to your practice in particular because it will have specialized functioning for what a physical therapy practice requires. 

The best way to ensure that an EHR software suits you is to get a Physical Therapy EHR software demo and see if it has functions which are suitable to the day to day running of your practice and actually help make work more efficient! 

But in order to ensure you have a good EHR, make sure it has customizable templates which are specially made for a Physical Therapy practice. This will help make things more efficient for you since the templates will only ask questions related to your field and thus you will not waste time with patients having to code and add irrelevant information which a general template might have asked. 

If you choose to take a Physical Therapy EHR software demo, make sure that you check whether the software has capabilities that lets it get reports and results from labs immediately as soon as they are made available. This will save a lot of time for when you ask patients to get test or x-rays done as the patient will not have to physically bring the results in but you can get them automatically on the software from the lab upon availability. 

Other than this, you should be able to make easy referrals through the EMR, so that you can refer a physician in seconds to a patient you think might need another opinion or another specialist. 

In terms of Physical Therapy EHR Software Pricing you should look over the terms carefully to see how much the costs are and whether updating the software comes at an extra cost or not. This is because usually Physical Therapy EHR software cost a lot and might already be expensive and you don’t want to incur hidden costs later on for extra features and such. 

Four EHR Platforms That Work Best for Physical Therapists

Now if you are looking for specific recommendations about which Physical Therapy EHR software to specifically use as a Physical Therapist, then we can sure make a few good recommendations. 

athenahealth EHR Software

AthenaHealth is a very popular EHR across the board for various specialties. The EHR has a customized template for Physical Therapy practices and makes it very easy for practitioners to code data and make patient notes. You can ask the vendor for this software for a Physical Therapy EMR Software demo to see whether it suits your needs or not! 

eClinicalWorks EMR Software

eClinicalWorks is another big name in the EMR software industry! The software is quite popular because of the various functionalities it has across the board as well as so many specific features for different specializations. Similar, for Physical Therapy, this software does a good job at customizing templates and other functions for ease of use.

PrognoCIS EMR Software

Out of all the EMRs in the market right now, this happens to be one of the most popular ones based just on how well reviewed it is by users. The software has customization capabilities which help it adapt to your practice better. It also allows for easy integration to your day to day practice because of how easy it is to upload data on it through various methods such as dictation or handwriting recognition. 

EpicCare EMR Software

This happens to be another big name in the EMR world and with good reason. EpicCare is a great EMR for anyone searching for one. As a Physical Therapy EMR software it does the job very well with it’s customized templates for Physical Therapist that make taking patient history much simpler and save time for doctors by making referrals and suggesting diagnoses as well as suggested treatments for whatever condition is diagnosed.

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