Plastic Surgery Secrets Nobody Will Tell You

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Considering going under the knife? There are some plastic surgery secrets you should know before signing up for plastic surgery in Adelaide:

● There’s no good fix for cellulite. Plastic surgeons say that they are asked all of the time if patients can or should do something to treat their cellulite. Unfortunately, there is no good fix for cellulite. Cellulaze is a popular cellulite treatment that uses an invasive laser. Anytime you have an invasive procedure, you can possibly get an infection. While the risks of infection are low, they are certainly present, and you must weigh the price of treating your cellulite versus the possibility of getting an infection. The cellulite treatment costs thousands of dollars, and the results are relatively not super impressive.
Sleep on your back. Plastic surgeons also recommend sleeping on your back in order to save your face from wrinkles and lines. Sleeping on your side or your stomach every night will give you deeper wrinkles on the side of the face that is pressed into the pillow, especially along your smile line and at the corners of your mouth. Sleeping on your back saves you from placing extra pressure on your skin. If sleeping on your back just does not seem possible, then you should swap out your cotton pillowcase for a silk or satin pillowcase. Silk and satin are two fabrics that tend to be much more forgiving and better for your skin than cotton.
● Patients often ask for procedures they don’t need. Patients often ask if they should have specific procedures done when they don’t really need it. For example, patients might be obsessed with fixing tiny bumps on their nose or ears that stick out a little. People tend to be fixated on the smallest things that no one else really sees or notices. Plastic surgeons recommend leaving those things alone, as there is just not enough to gain from having plastic surgery to fix those tiny things that no one else will notice.
● A tummy tuck is major surgery. Tummy tucks are becoming much more common, but most people don’t know that the procedure is a major surgery. Tummy tucks are designed to remove extra fat and skin in the lower belly. The procedure is becoming more and more common, especially among women who have decided that they are finished with having kids. Most of these mothers are even comfortable telling others that they have had the procedure done, because it does not carry the stigma that it once carried. It’s super important for people who are considering the procedure to understand that a tummy tuck is not a simple procedure or a quick and easy fix. It takes a substantial amount of time for the body to heal. While most of the swelling goes down after the first couple of weeks following surgery, it is usually another six to eight weeks after surgery before the puffiness is completely gone. And it could be a year or more before the scar, which goes from hip bone to hip bone, fades and the final results are noticeable.
● You can pick breasts out of a catalogue. Adelaide plastic surgery patients often bring in photos of breasts that they like, which helps the plastic surgery ensure that they are on the same page from the beginning, especially when it comes to cup size. For example, a patient might say that she wants to have C cup breasts, but she brings in a photo of DD cup breasts. If you find a photo of someone with a similar build to you, it is realistic to expect similar results on your own body. That being said, if you bring in a photo of someone with a different body type, you should not expect the same results on your own body.
● Cigarettes and the sun are terrible for your skin. Plastic surgeons don’t recommend performing skin procedures on patients until they have given up smoking for several months. Smoking has terrible effects on your skin. The same can be said for the sun. Taking a break from sunbathing and cigarette smoking will do wonders for your skin.
● Liposuction is not a substitute for the gym. Liposuction is a contouring procedure, so it won’t magically make you skinny again. Weight loss is best done through diet and exercise. Plastic surgeons recommend having patients work with nutritionists for six months to a year before trying liposuction. You need to be at your ideal body weight, or at least close to it, before undergoing liposuction, because that’s the best way to get the results that you want.

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