6 Best POS System With Inventory Management By 2021

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Point of Sale (POS) inventory systems are POS System with Inventory Management used by retailers and restaurants to process customer sales and track product or ingredient inventories. Most POS inventory software has the tools to record sales, calculate inventory and generate basic reports. The best POS systems can also make it easier to buy products POS System with Inventory Management , with prices starting at less than $100 per month.

For small businesses

POS systems with the best inventory management are the best.

Light speed:

The best POS system for general inventory management.

Square The best free inventory management for new and small businesses.

Shopify Best POS system for multi-channel sellers.

Toast: best POS for inventory for food and beverage businesses


Best for large inventory or multi-location stores.


How we evaluated POS inventory systems

We considered dozens of the most popular and best POS systems, then narrowed our list to software with outstanding inventory features and/or affordable prices. Ease of use (e.g. whether the system is cloud-based) was also added. Finally, we looked at the overall value each software offers at its price, taking into account popularity and user reviews.

Based on our rating, Light speed was the best POS inventory system, scoring a high 4.43 out of 5. This is also in line with our experts’ personal recommendations after years of reviewing Fit Small Business POS systems and managing inventory in small businesses and retail environments. Light speed’s granular inventory control capabilities and comprehensive analytics are unmatched in its price class.

Lights peed is a cloud-based checkout system designed for growing small businesses with large inventories that need to be sorted by multiple variables. Its detailed inventory functionality supports both retail and restaurant POS solutions. Combined with sophisticated custom reporting tools and a price starting at less than $100 per month, Light speed is the best overall POS inventory system for small businesses POS System with Inventory Management .

Light speed scored 4.43 out of 5 in our evaluation. The system received high scores for granular inventory tracking, built-in purchase orders, and the most sophisticated analytics platform. However, Light speed does not have a free package. And while the reports are cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere, Light speed does not have an app for mobile reporting, while several other systems do.

Light speed prices

Light speed retail locations: $69-$299 per month. Supplementary cashier $29 per month.

Light speed Catering Point of Sale System. From $59 per month. Additional features $12-39 per month.

Light speed’s outstanding inventory features include

Customizable matrix. Unique product variations for bundled and batch products.

Workflow management. Processing and tracking of work orders in the POS system.

Categorization and tracking. Use of serial numbers and/or SKUs to identify each stock item.

Integrated supplier directory. More than 3,000 pre-loaded catalogs, up to 10,000 product uploads, aggregation of all purchases into a single order, setting up custom reorders and filling special orders for customers.

Intelligent pricing. Set up automatic rules and discounts for customer groups, seasonal discounts, gifts and promotions, volume price changes and more.

Detailed analytics. More than 40 built-in reports, plus customizable settings, data visualization and actionable tips.

Light speed POS is synchronized with Light speed to manage online sales in the same system.

Square is a free checkout system that includes functions for managing payments, customers, orders and products. Create product catalogues and keep inventory statistics based on sales.

Square is not suitable for established businesses with a large number of SKUs or sales channels, but it offers unsurpassed value for new businesses and those with only a small number of items. Square’s professional POS plan offers additional inventory management tools so it can grow with your business.

Square received a high score of 4.28 in our Point of sale Software evaluation. It’s the only system on our list with a free plan, plus there’s a professional-level plan that costs just $60 per month. Square has basic inventory features such as variance tracking and low stock alerts. But the lack of detailed purchase orders, vendor management, customization reports and unlimited phone support prevents Square from getting a higher rating.

Square pricing

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