The Brief Guide That Makes Choosing a Primary Care Physician Simple

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If you have an uncontrollable cough or painful spasms, what could you do?

A. Nothing
B. Visit a doctor
C. Try to take care of the pain on your own and hope it goes away

Option B serves the best choice, however, Very Well states that some people stray away from healthcare providers because they do not know how to find a doctor that fits their needs.

Do you struggle with this issue?

Primary care physicians treat everything from ailments, illnesses, chronic diseases, and minor injuries. But, seeking out the best doctor to treat you can be daunting.

If you need help finding a PCP that best suits you, keep reading. This article serves as a comprehensive guide on how to pick the best doctors.

Primary Care Physician’s Specialties

PCPs encompass a wide range of treatments and a wide range of certifications and specialties.

Some primary care physicians are pediatricians, gynecologists, geriatricians, and family practitioners who obtain certifications to prove their specialties. Even though their skillset revolves around a specific concentration, they can treat other conditions, too.

How do you find the specialist that works for you?

Make a List

Write a list of everything affecting your choice of a PCP. Include current conditions, areas of pain, medical practitioner’s preferred age, and preferred gender. Also, note the type of office (private medical practices vs. group medical practices), etc.


Once you create a list, move on to the research aspect of your search. Type in all elemental keywords to find the best doctor for your medical needs.

You can even double-check your intended PCP’s credentials via the Certification Matters website.

Schedule an Interview With the PCP

After your research, speak with the medical practitioner or their receptionist for insight into the kind of care they provide.

Pay attention to how the receptionist or physician speaks to you. If they answer you with annoyance and frustration, it shows the kind of treatment you’ll receive in the office. If they welcome you with care and well-thought-out answers, that translates to the kind of treatment you’ll receive at the facility.

Resources, Recommendations, and Reviews

These three Rs help narrow the search for the best doctors, best family doctors, and best medical practitioners for treatment.


Medical forums allow patients to discuss types of treatment, experiences with PCPs, and the best doctors in the field. Browse what real individuals have to say about their time with the PCPs.


When choosing a PCP, ask your friends and family how they like their practitioners and if they have any recommendations for PCPs. Medical job boards might embellish reviews, but your friends and family are more likely to give you an honest account of treatment.


Like job boards, reviews allow you to read about first-hand accounts of treatment and find the best medical services. Since they aren’t always on job boards, they might not be as credible but can still provide information about the practice.

Choose Your PCP Today

Choosing a Primary Care Physician is not an easy task, but taking the time to research, resources, and lists can help you make an informed decision when selecting a new PCP.

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