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Do you want to save on Amazon by paying in Bitcoin? Do you want to convert your Amazon gift cards into Bitcoin?

Today it is possible, just use Purse.io.

Lately, I seem to be living in a somewhat unreal world.

New services, virtual currencies, new activities, a thousand investment opportunities.

Some continue, myself included, to get up in the morning and stamp their cards, and those who instead trade on bitcoins, rent houses for short periods or are the influencer, the marketer, the lender, the crowdfunding …

I prefer the traditional economy.

After all, I prefer trattorias to starred restaurants, Sora Lella in Cracco.

But basically, I’m curious and therefore I read, document, study, and apply.

With a bit of distrust of course, but I try to try everything.

That’s why today I want to tell you about a system that I find interesting and that connects Amazon and Bitcoin.

When I first became interested in Bitcoin, this coin was used almost exclusively for illegal trading and the press headlines were always negative.

The easy association was DEEP WEB = BITCOIN.

The common perception has not changed much even if today the most frequent titles concern the trend of Bitcoin prices.

Few, on the other hand, dwell on a very interesting aspect of the evolution of this currency.

It is about the entry of Bitcoins into the real economy.

Today there are cards, banks, financial operators based on this currency.

You can buy and sell Bitcoins.

And sooner or later even Amazon will announce the possibility of using Bitcoins to buy on its site.

But in the meantime, someone has already thought about it and created Purse.io a system that includes several advantages.

But let’s go step by step and see what it is.

In this article

  • What is Purse.io?
  • How to buy with a discount on Amazon?
  • STEP 1 – Create a wish list
  • STEP 2 – Change the list settings
  • STEP 3 – Copy the address of your list
  • How to convert euros or Amazon gift vouchers into Bitcoin?
  • Why use Purse.io for buying Bitcoin?
  • What are the disadvantages of using Purse.io to buy Bitcoin?
  • Conclusions on Purse.io

What is Purse.io?

Purse.io is a platform that brings together Earners and Shoppers.

Shoppers are those who manage to buy on Amazon at a discount and use Bitcoin.

Earners, on the other hand, convert their Amazon gift vouchers or their euros into Bitcoin.

So in summary, those who have Amazon gift cards can turn them into bitcoin, obviously at a lower price than their face value.

Those who want to buy on Amazon can spend their bitcoins anonymously, obtaining a discount on purchased goods ranging from 5 to 33% of the price.

How to buy with a discount on Amazon?

If you want to become a Shopper by shopping on Amazon and paying in Bitcoin, follow these steps.

STEP 1 – Create a wish list

First, you need to go to Amazon and create a wish list.

Just go to the product you want to buy and click Add to list

STEP 2 – Change the list settings

You will then have to change some settings on your list.

Click on Your Lists that you find next to the cart and then on Edit this list.

Set the following values:

  • Public privacy;
  • Indicate your address;
  • Check the box: Agreement for shipment to third parties;
  • Uncheck doesn’t spoil the surprise.

STEP 3 – Copy the address of your list

From your public list click on share and copy the address.

At this point you can go to Purse and Click on Shop, then on Name your discount, go to the bottom of the page and paste the address you just copied.

You can now choose the discount you requested (for the first orders a maximum of 15%) and wait for someone to decide to buy and send you the requested item

How to convert euros or Amazon gift vouchers into Bitcoin?

To become an Earner and turn your Amazon gift vouchers or your money into Bitcoin, just go to the Earn Bitcoin section.

Here you will see a series of possible purchases to be made ordered based on the price of the Bitcoin they correspond to, from lowest to highest.

Just click on the chosen item and you will be directed to purchase on Amazon.

You will need to click on Purchase Items and you will go to Amazon where you will proceed with the purchase by selecting on the  Gift Address List.

You can proceed with the purchase using a gift card or the credit guaranteed by your credit card.

Once the purchase is complete, you will need to enter the confirmation code in the box opened on Purse.io.

In a few days, you will see the Bitcoins corresponding to the transaction credited to your account.

Once credited, you can decide whether to keep them in your wallet or spend them to buy some goods with a discount, or transfer them to a wallet.

It is also possible to deposit BTC from another wallet or an exchange.

Why use Purse.io for buying Bitcoin?

Amazon gift vouchers can be purchased in Sisal and Lispoint shops and a tax code is not required for their purchase.

Using gift vouchers on Amazon therefore no movement is tracked on the credit card and the banking system.

So even the conversion to Bitcoin takes place without leaving any particular traces.

We also know that Bitcoin transactions are guaranteed in their secrecy.

This purchase method, therefore, makes it possible to invest in Bitcoin without leaving any traces.

Many choose it mainly for this reason and because the commissions applied are relatively low.

Buying Bitcoin through Purse.io, therefore, guarantees anonymity, relative convenience, and undetectable transactions.

What are the disadvantages of using Purse.io to buy Bitcoin?

Not all that glitters is gold and buying Bitcoin this way has some drawbacks.

The bitcoin credit is not immediate.

You have to order an item on Amazon and wait for the other party to confirm receipt to have the money credited to your Purse.io account.

Also, you can’t choose exactly how many bitcoins to buy.

We need to see how many items other users want to buy and see if they correspond to how much we want to spend.

Conclusions on Purse.io

Maybe the Bitcoin fever is taking me a little too much …

While I am convinced that there is a certain bubble behind this phenomenon, I also think that Bitcoins are destined to last.

I am therefore becoming passionate about all these new forms of investment and the economy linked to virtual currencies.

Purse.io is an intelligent system that performs the function of buying Bitcoin anonymously, without excessive fees.

It also allows you to buy on Amazon in Bitcoin, at a discount.

The success of this platform is easily understood.

Turn something virtual into something absolutely real. Bitcoins in physical assets and physical assets in Bitcoin.

In my opinion, another step that increases the credibility of this cryptocurrency.

If you have experiences about it, obviously don’t forget to share them with everyone.

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