Reaching New Patients With eClinicalWorks EMR – Here’s How

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eClinicalWorks EMR

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way that care is provided to patients. It is no longer possible to keep up your practice in the way you may know it best. This calls for some strategy to be created in order to continue to reach patients. After all, patients can no longer come into the practice in the way that they used to before. So what can be done? 

You can actually use tools from software to make your goal a reality when it comes to patient engagement. The prime example of this is eClinicalWorks EMR. This is software that comes with powerful features that allow you to create dynamic goals. You can reach patients, even those who can’t come into your practice to see you in person. Here’s how.  

Why Is Patient Engagement Important? 

Patient engagement is a process in which practices intervene and involve patients in the process of care. This is an idea that is gaining popularity and is becoming a hallmark of modern medicine. This means that new interventions and strategies are needed in order to make sure patients feel heard and engaged at all aspects and levels of care.  

There still exists a lot of confusion about how patient engagement works and why it is important. While software like eClinicalWorks EMR can help with the ‘how’, the why can also be answered. The fact of the matter is that patients who are more engaged will eventually have better outcomes. This is a win-win for both practices and patients in general. 

Connect Using Mobile Technology 

It is important to connect with the patients through various different means. One such way to make a connection is through technology and its intrinsic accessibility. Patients these days expect to be kept in the loop. They want to be seen as stakeholders in their own care. This means that they also want to know what is being done and be updated on progress.  

A great example of making this need a reality is through the use of patient portals. These applications help patients track and monitor their progress. They are also appreciative of software that can be adapted for mobile use. If patients can access their information by just making a few clicks on an application for mobile, they’ll feel more engaged.  

Utilize Telemedicine to Provide Care 

Another way to continue to engage patients in the absence of in-practice visits is through the technology of telemedicine. Telemedicine is a way in which patients and doctors can connect remotely through video-conferencing software. Telemedicine can also be carried out in conjunction with remote patient monitoring to collect important baseline information.  

This allows doctors to collect more information about patient health. This is especially true when remote patient monitoring is used in chronic care management. These tools all work together to keep patients engaged even when they can’t physically go in to see their doctor. This is a crucial piece of strategy that can really help you practice retain engagement.  

Connect With Comfort In Mind 

When you are trying to connect with patients, it’s important to go in with an understanding of what your community needs. A common issue faced by patients is that practices don’t take into consideration their comfort with technology. Purchasing high-end and advanced solutions can seem like a good idea, but if your patients can’t understand it, is it helpful? 

Try to envision what the average patient who visits your practice is like. If they are older, they may feel uncomfortable having a system that is too reliant on advanced technology. They may prefer calls and visits. However, younger patients may prefer a more technological route. They would not like being contacting by call or in person. 

Ultimately, having a blend of different techniques can help you reach patients from all age groups. However, the tools you choose from eClinicalWorks EMR all depend on what your target audience is like. Always take that into consideration before intervening and changing methods of engaging patients.  

Understanding Barriers To Access 

One way that you can ensure that the patient engagement you take part in is meaningful is by keeping in mind inequalities. The system in healthcare is not outside of the world that we live in. And so, there are many patients out there who will continue to face struggles and barriers to care. It is therefore vital that practices consider that before they engage them.  

People who try to access care can face discrimination on the basis of various things. Things like their race, sexual orientation, gender, and disabilities can impact the quality of care they receive. Also, keep in mind, this issue has only grown worse since the start of the pandemic. The system is already strained and people in these groups have even worse access. 

Is eClinicalWorks EMR The Right Software For Me? 

After seeing everything that eClinicalWorks EMR offers, what’s next? Well, we would recommend doing all of the research that you can do and figuring out if the software is right for you. To look into this further, you can contact eClinicalWorks for some information. For one, they can show you the software demo so you can see all of the features. 

The demo is an excellent way of trying to see if the features of eClinicalWokrs fit into what you need. You can also use the demo to reach an expert and ask them any questions you may have about the software. Another thing to ask from the vendor is information about pricing. This gives you a chance to address the budget that you have for an EMR. 

Finally, another way to make sure is to read through reviews. They are an excellent way to gauge the benefits and drawbacks of using any kind of software. For example with eClinicalWorks, you will be able to see what features reviews like best. You can also see what kind of practices had the best outcomes with eClinicalWorks.  

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