React Native: The Most Preferred Framework For Developing Native Applications

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Are you planning to use React Native for your next app development project? If yes, then you must be familiar with all the things related to React Native so that you can leverage the benefits of this technology to the fullest.

React Native: The Most Preferred Framework For Developing Native Applications

React Native is one of the most admired and widely used technologies among different business types for developing various applications. Various famous apps such as Facebook, Walmart, Instagram, UberEats, FlipKart, Skype, Airbnb, Tesla, Discord, and more have been developed using React Native technology. It is a JavaScript-based framework developed by Facebook, allowing developers to create different native applications in JavaScript. It is a best-in-class JavaScript library for creating exceptional user interfaces. By using React Native, web developers can easily write mobile applications that look and feel just like ‘native’ all from the comfort of a JavaScript library.

Why Choose React Native For App Development?

Mobile applications built with React Native technology can work natively on both iOS and Android platforms, thus helping in saving a lot of time, money, as well as resources. An ideal choice for cross-platform app development, React Native is preferred by several developers and businesses throughout the world due to various reasons, such as:

  • It is a more stable platform for developing a different kind of applications
  • It is based on the most popular JavaScript library and allows frontend developers with the ability to build powerful mobile apps
  • It consists of modular architecture
  • Facilitates enhanced coding
  • Organizations are required to create a code only once and use it to power both their Android and iOS applications
  • Organizations can easily convert their React web app to a mobile app with React Native
  • Consists of various pre-loaded elements
  • Gives optimal performance
  • It is a budget-friendly solution for app development
  • React Native has huge community support which helps developers throughout the development process

Key Features of React Native Development

  • UI Focused: React Native framework is highly focused on designing attractive app User Interfaces (UIs).
  • Programming Language: Since React Native is based on JavaScript, a widely practiced programming language, it makes learning and using React Native practically much easier for the developers.
  • Strong Community Support: React Native has a strong presence of community support which ensures developers get all their queries resolved by the universal community as and when required throughout the development process.
  • Third-Party Libraries Support: While using React Native, developers have the freedom to get easy access to third-party libraries, if required.
  • Easy Installation with NPM: React Native makes use of NPM (Node Package Manager) which makes the installation process much simpler and faster for the developers.
  • Live Reload: Hot Reload is among the most important features of React Native. It allows developers to change the codes as per the project requirements and simultaneously observe what changes have been made.
  • Less Development Time: The time it takes to develop a mobile application using React Native is quite lesser as compared to other app development frameworks.
  • Migration: Any app developed with React Native can easily run with AndroidX.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: With React Native, developers need not write codes for different platforms as codes written for one platform can work efficiently on other frameworks. This nature of React Native makes it a cost-effective solution.

Why Hire React Native App Developers For App Development Project?

If you want to hire React Native Developer for your app development project, you must get in touch with a professional company with years of experience in the field of app development using various technologies including React Native. Choosing the right React Native developer can take a business to the next level by helping it to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced marketplace. So, when it comes to hiring React Native developers, make sure to identify whether they possess all the required skills which include:

  • Expertise in JavaScript/HTML/CSS
  • Ability to perform app reengineering and migration
  • Excellent knowledge of Redux, Mobx/MST
  • Proficiency in full-cycle React Native development
  • Expertise in server-side API development
  • Good knowledge of app migration and integration

Other than the above-mentioned skills, React Native developers must be able to utilize all the essential React Native development tools effectively and efficiently. Good knowledge of these tools can help to accelerate the mobile application development process. Below mentioned are some of the key React Native development tools:

  • Redux: Redux is an essential React Native tool. It is a library for state management of applications. Making an application’s code easy to understand ensures that the application logic is well-organized and working as expected.
  • Sentry Error Tracking: Sentry error tracking is an application monitoring platform that developers can use for real-time monitoring and fixing of errors to ensure better performance of their code.
  • Hockeyapp: Hockeyapp is another useful React Native tool used for app distribution, real-time crash reports, and user feedback.
  • ESLint: ESLint is generally used to evaluate and maintain code quality and enforce code conventions. The tool is really helpful in maintaining a consistent code style throughout the project while reducing human errors.
  • Bitrise: Bitrise is an integration/deployment platform that provides an array of integrations to enhance the workflow and automation of an application.
  • Enzyme: Enzyme is a JavaScript Testing utility that allows developers to test React Native components’ output.


In all, React Native offers numerous features and benefits that are hard to find in any other app development platform. When looking for React Native development services, it is advisable to hire React Native app developer with the right skills and experience to execute the app development project as expected without any glitches.

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