How do You Remove the Coffee Stains from Your Teeth

Remove Coffee Stains from Teeth
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Do you kick-start the day with a cup of hot coffee and become obsessed with it? Particularly, there is nothing wrong with it. But your morning routine can deteriorate the overall oral health? Thinking how? Simply, it erodes the tooth enamel and stains the teeth inside out.

It contains tannin, a polyphenol ingredient that dissolves in water. Other beverages such tea and red wine also contained tannin. This results in sticky colour compounds over the teeth’s surface leaving an unpleasant, yellowish or greyish hue behind.

Just a cup of coffee in a day is enough for staining the teeth. But you can get rid of coffee stains without compromising your preferable morning drink. To know how continue reading this blog.  

How to remove coffee stains?

Being a coffee lover there is no meaning to panic. If it is extrinsic stain, dentist can remove it at the time of biannual cleaning. Therefore, it is imperative for you to fix regular dental appointments.

However, you can complement the professional teeth cleaning by some efficient home remedies. It involves brushing the teeth using baking soda 2 times a month for further teeth whitening.

The stains of teeth caused by coffee can be also lessened by using whitening strips and whitening toothpastes on a daily basis. You are advised only to use registered at-home teeth whitening kits and which are suggested by the dentists.

Also, you can ask your dentist to provide any home teeth whitening tray to use alongside whitening toothpastes. Switching to electric toothbrush is also effective when it comes to cleaning and whitening. Brushing should be done at optimum pressure for 2 minutes 2-times a day.

Other pitfalls of coffee

Any kind of liquid consumption is not similar to drinking water. Thence, consumption of coffee promotes the bacterial growth in the mouth leading to enamel and tooth erosion. Over time, you will find the teeth have become brittle and very thin.

Coffee is guilty of bad breath (halitosis) as well due to its stickiness on tongue. So, before enjoying a refreshing cup of cappuccino eat anything a bit and of course brushing and tongue scrapping are evitable part once you are done.  

Prevention against coffee stains

Many starts their day with a cup of strong coffee or black coffee; whichever you prefer teeth staining will happen. But, if you can’t cut of this morning ritual then you can consume less by switching to zing tea, ginseng tea or green tea later part of the day.

Contrary to cappuccino, black coffee is far better. This is because sugar and cream accelerate the bacterial growth causing tooth discolouration faster. Coffee should be drunk in a gulp rather than small sips like tea for prevention of bacterial accumulation in the mouth. Moreover, once you finish, drink lots of water for rinsing the teeth and mouth well.

For any kind of flavoured and iced coffee, put a straw for lessening the probability of stains considering carbon footprint as well. Then rinse the mouth by water and brush the teeth exactly after 30 minutes. As coffee possesses acidic in nature brushing right after having a cup can weaken the enamel easily resulting in deep stains.

You can eat foods which help you in the elimination of the teeth stain like lemons and strawberries. They are high in natural fibres to clean the teeth extensively by destroying the bacterial build up.

Other stain-causing drinks and foods

Coffee is not the only culprit for tooth discolouration. Certainly, there are many in this gang which you must aware of to retain the whiteness of your teeth. Some such drinks and foods are mentioned below:

  • Sports drinks
  • Red wine
  • Hard candy
  • Berries (blackberries, blueberries, cherries)
  • Popsicles
  • Tomato sauces and tomato
  • Black tea
  • Colas

Great news for every coffee lover

You can’t give up coffee, nah? You can enjoy this refreshing and mood-enhancing drink while maintaining your pearly smile simultaneously. Thinking how to do that? Just drink coffee in moderate quantity. Even dentists suggest 2-cups of coffee a day.

Still, if you can’t control then put a straw and enjoy your coffee. Also think of carbon footprints you can make by this way. Additionally, regular brushing is important and visit at to book a dentist appointment twice a year.


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