Removing Mugshot: Vital for every one’s life

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Mugshots are some of the most important things needed to be removed. Here are some of the main benefits to remove mugshot photo from google

  1. Great for one’s privacy- Remove mugshots from Google is great for privacy if one has a criminal record or even if one doesn’t. If one is applying for jobs, having some employers find out about your past can mean the end of one’s application. It would be an even bigger problem if that new employer was the only one who could hire one, which makes it more likely that they would Google search their potential new employee to check upon them. There is no reason at all why you should not remove bad information about yourself because it will only cause problems in the future.
  2. Increase family security- Sometimes people with families face difficulties trying to find employment because their potential employer will search for their name online to see what comes up, which is not illegal. However, if someone in the family has a criminal record then this can be an issue when it comes to people’s perception of that whole family. It is not fair and it does not look at the people as individuals; no one should judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately, some employers do just that. This type of information should be removed from public view because you never know what could happen in the future and having negative information about yourself or one’s children on the internet may make things very difficult for them.
  3. Positive impact on reputation- If one has ever had anything written about oneself on any website and felt like it would never go away, then you know how it feels like to harm one reputation. One will not be judged for your mistakes in life if they happened a long time ago and one has been living a respectable life since, so there is no reason why this information should still be visible when it has nothing to do with who one is today.
  4. Positive overall impact- When owning a business or even just being an individual that contributes positively to society, having any type of criminal history can damage the good work that you put into helping others out. If employers could look up everything about each person they were going to hire, then there would be more businesses and people willing to help issues such as poverty and crime come to an end. People can be reformed and should not have to live with the mistake they made when they were younger, there is no reason this information needs to stay on the internet forever.
  5. Removing mugshots has positive legal implications- If one is ever convicted of a crime that happened in the past then it will affect your future even if you prove yourself innocent every day; however, removing mugshots from google may help remove some of those problems in court later down the line. This means that everyone could face justice for their crimes fairly and equally, but it also gives people a second chance at life so they can take advantage of the opportunities available in the world today.
  6. Positive psychological impacts- Having a criminal record for something one has done when they were younger can be worrying and cause a lot of anxiety in people who may have to constantly check what information is online about them. This type of information should not affect people’s behavior in society in the future because it happened a long time ago and they have been punished by the law for their mistakes. It does not mean that these people should feel ashamed, especially if they are contributing members of society now.

7.  Complete control- People love having complete control over everything in life because it feels much safer when you know that every aspect of your life is under your supervision. Having someone else decide how things will go in your life or even just being unsure about certain aspects could leave a lot of room for changes

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