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Physiotherapists reserve a special place in the medical profession from the very beginning. A physiotherapist is a medical officer that helps his patients with mobility, movement, balance the gait, and pain management. 

What are the effects of covid-19?

The whole world has been under the influence of Covid-19 since the beginning of 2020. Coronavirus has damaged the lungs of various people leading them to death, several lung problems, asthma, shortage of breath, extreme weakness, and nauseous conditions.

Here the physical therapists or physiotherapists did a fantastic job even though they are facing a contagious virus and can get affected at any time. 

Choosing a physical therapist who can successfully treat your illness or injury does not have to be a difficult task. Here, we list the things you need to consider when choosing a physical therapist who can successfully treat you.

Your primary care physician – When your problem or injury worsens and recurs, your first stop is to see your doctor. Your doctor should be able to provide you with the specific names of physical therapists in your area. Not only that, but they should be able to provide you with details of a physical therapist who has specific experience in treating your condition/injury.

If your doctor is unable to provide you with details of a suitable person, it is a good idea to ask friends and colleagues if they can recommend anyone. Your health insurance company will also provide some doctor’s details for you to check.

Once you have found a physical therapist in your area, there are a few things to remember when making your initial consultation. Here are a few things to ask and find out

Does the physical therapist have experience treating patients with similar conditions/injuries? It is always beneficial for the person treating you to have past experience treating similar conditions.

Physician qualifications – It is always good to know the qualifications of the treating physician. If you are unsure of the skill level of your physical therapist, it may be worth asking about their training and what qualifications they have.

The patients of post-Corona were seen to be admitted in the ICU ward, where the physiotherapists were performing different therapy treatments accordingly.

Pre and post covid-19 patients and their treatments by physiotherapists

Many patients were given the treatment of vibration and chest percussion. When the Coronavirus attacks a person’s lungs, it creates a septum in the lungs where the patient finds it difficult to breathe. 

The patient feels that some liquid is filling up in his lungs. But the physiotherapists were there to reduce the septum from the lungs. They provided a special therapy of chest percussion. 

In this therapy, 5he physiotherapists make their patients wear a specific vest called CPT. This CPT vest is hooked up with a machine. The machine makes a vibration in the best so that the lungs of the patient can lose secretion. 

Physiotherapists and their duties during COVID-19

Physiotherapists were on standby with other medical officials 24/7 to fight this brutal disease and help their patients stand you on their feet again. 

Another consequence of post-Corona is high coughing, as Covid-19 is all about coughing and sneezing severely. The physiotherapists in the hospital with, the help of controlled coughing techniques, treated the patients. 

This technique helped the patients throw up extra lung secretion and made them able to control their hysterical cough. 

Physiotherapists were seen to treat the Corona patients with deep breathing exercises. Corona affects the breathing process of a person and leads them to a shortage of breath. 

Hence, the lungs start to shrink as they do not get enough air and oxygen. The breathing exercises therapy was performed to expand the lungs of a Covid-19 patient. This therapy helped the patients to get air in the top parts of their lungs.

Physiotherapists and their lung therapies:

When a person starts to recover from Covid-19, the first thing he needs is to regulate the functions of his lungs. This can take a while post-Corona. To get the lungs in previous healthy shape, the physiotherapists treated their patients with incentive spirometry. 

In this therapy, the patient used a device to inhale a deeper breath. This made the recovery process of a Covid-19 patient even more effective. 

Physiotherapists with bedridden Corona patients:

In the Corona ward, most of the patients were restricted not to move or were bedridden. In this situation, the physical therapists turned their patients from one side to another and frequently changed their positions. This therapy helped the patients drain the lung secretion better and improved the lung expansion.


This article shows that physiotherapists are a great pillar in the medical world. They stood on standby in the crucial time of the Covid-19 outbreak. They were prepared to handle the worst situations. 

They were calm, composed, and helpful to their patients. The physical therapists followed all the guidelines set by the WHO related to Covid-19. They are still doing this job, no matter how hard it may be.

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