Essential SEO Factors That Must Be Fixed for Any New Website

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It requires very strenuous efforts for commencing a new business or start-up. However, once we’ve launched our new entrepreneurial endeavour, it must go on and on. Turning back is insanity, isn’t it? Now you’ve also got your website ready from developers. Then, it needs to be known by your potential customers that you’re offering certain products or services they’re looking for online. So, at this point SEO services provider can become your hero.

The magic and power of SEO can create a miracle for your newly started business if marketing techniques are conducted strategically and smartly! Major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc. grab relevant websites from the Internet and display the list of websites in form of pages (known as Search Engine Result Pages, abbreviated form SERP) that you can navigate one by one.

70,000 search queries are triggered per second on Google. It implies that digital and virtual presence must be set as our utmost priority. SEO is the matter of greatest importance but you can’t expect to rank higher instantly because it’s a long-term procedure. However, PPC (Pay Per Click) can help your web property appear at higher position on Google instantly!

It’s crucial for every website to implement the following listed SEO points as it may boost the chance of getting listed in search engine result pages. So why shouldn’t try our luck? Let’s explore them one by one. Consulting with any dominant digital marketing service agency will make even easier.

1. On-page & Off-page Optimization

On-page optimization is the first step to climb for any newbie website, be it a service-based or eCommerce website. Conducting directly off-page SEO techniques in order to promote your business is like building a high skyscraper without a strong foundation base. So on-site optimization is the cornerstone of any SEO project.

Google considers more than 200 factors to make your website eligible to appear in Google’s result pages. On-page ranking factors encompass page title, Meta description, incorporating core keywords, image optimization, internal linking structure and much more that can’t be included here because of limited space. Integration of external links to high authentic web properties is also taken into consideration. You could place your social media outlet buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube etc.) for better engagement with your audience and followers.

Off-site SEO is opposite of on-site SEO. That means your actions, experiments & techniques are performed outside your website. You implement plenty of tactics with intention of building a strong backlinks portfolio. Content marketing strategy works the best if it’s performed in the right way. Once you’ve got how to conduct it, it’s assured that you will win the game of SEO. The victory is yours over your competitors.

It’s also advisable that you choose the appropriate domain name that suits well with your business theme. For e.g., for an online web-shop, domain name that revolves around the phrase like shopping, discount, deals, cart etc. is ideal. Right?

2. Website Speed Optimization

There’s a human tendency that everyone wants everything to be fast & quick. Day by day, we’re making everything faster. Of course, websites aren’t no more an exception. Websites that open & load faster get appreciated by their visitors. So your website is expected to load fast on all devices like smartphones, desktops and tablets seamlessly. Therefore, the faster it’s, the more beneficial it’s going to be for you.

Now I’m going to uncover a secret. Experts have found that websites opening within 2 secs have an average bounce rate of 9% only. While those opening in 5 secs have 38% of bounce rate. Your customers are likely to switch to your competitors if they have to wait more than usual to open your website. It explicitly suggests that the page speed matters a lot. Don’t neglect it if you want fruitful outcomes and results.

How can I know about my website speed? This question may pop up in your mind. You can use this software PageSpeed Insights. Just input your website URL and it will reveal the truth. You can test your speed score for both mobile and desktop devices. Another one is GTmetrix that functions as the same as the former one does.

Another way to measure it is using Google Analytics tool where you can know about the average website loading time of your web property. You are also enabled to compare it with the related industry standards.

3. Keyword Research

Keywords are the backbone of any website to survive on the Internet. Choose your keywords wisely and incorporate them in your website content because your potential customers will use them to find your business. Ensure that you’re selecting the relevant and right ones that relate to the products/services your business offers. Content only can be developed if you’ve shortlisted the correct keywords. Otherwise every attempt is likely to go in vain ending up failure of your marketing campaign.

Relevant keywords must be present in website content whether it’s a blog post or web-page content. Content without having any targeted keywords in it is like a scribble. So targeted keywords are very essential to develop insightful and meaningful content. Usage of synonyms of targeted keywords is recommended to sound more natural because redundant recitation of the same keyword may seem like keyword stuffing that’s a malpractice in the world of SEO.

Ask the following questions yourself to carry out the keyword research job intelligently in optimized way.

  • What are the primary and secondary objectives of your website?
  • Are the keywords relevant to your business?
  • Do those keywords convey more details about your products/services to your potential customers?

If you’re clear with those above points, you’re heading to the right direction and are likely to beat your competitors.

4. Content Development compliant with SEO Standards

“Content is king”. This proverb is famous in the universe and SEO professionals have heard that phrase thousands of times. Well-tailored content is the most effective medium to get to know about customers’ preference, dislikes, interest and thoughts. Moreover, Google also gives priority to those websites which are loaded with unique, fresh and evergreen content. Here, don’t think like the content has only one form, a text form. Anything is content that appears in front of our eyes in multiple forms.

There is a variety of content forms. I’m listing some of them that are found on many websites on the Internet.

  • Web page content
  • Articles or blog posts
  • Long form content
  • eBooks/PDF files
  • White papers
  • Infographics
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Podcasts
  • PPT presentation
  • Website banners
  • Case studies
  • FAQs

Now analyze thoroughly what form of content is liked by most of your audience. After you’ve discovered it, you can publish the content in that form to skyrocket the engagement with your customers. Long form content, also referred to as linkable asset, is very well-known for grabbing people’s eyeballs quickly and boosting traffic to the website. People love the content written in-depth. Developing in-depth and granular content takes more time, but you will definitely get a great dividend because it will stand out and differentiate you from your competitors.

5. Optimizing Title Tags for Primary Keywords

Google displays your website’s page title in its search results list. Page titles are visible to visitors from Google’s SERP. So, it’s mandatory to set titles which has meaningful and clear text with your core keywords in it. Your buyers will only click if they find it relevant and informative. So take is seriously. No way!

Page title has the responsibility to represent the over all content of your web page and targeted keywords. Ideal length of any page title is 60-70 characters. Optimized page title will always be carrying core SEO keyword, accurate and precise that deliver the message of your website to the point. For e.g., you’ve got an eCommerce website that sells men’s clothes, then “Men’s Jeans” page could benefit from a title that conveys the signal about the page content.


So, are you excited to execute the above mentioned SEO practices for your newly launched website? In case you get stuck, professional eCommerce marketing agencies are always at your service to assist you. One aspect of SEO is that one has to keep patience because it takes indefinite time to rank your website in Google’s search result pages. But, one day, you will get golden apples if you keep continuing with your SEO efforts ethically.

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