7 Signs You Should Hire SEO Professionals for Your Business

SEO professionals
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On the first page of search results, the first five organic results account for 67.7% of all clicks.

Does this statistic stress you out?

If your website isn’t ranking and you’ve exhausted your own knowledge about SEO, maybe you’re feeling a little frustrated.

Is it time to hire an SEO professional?

Keep reading to find out if it’s time to hire outside SEO help to boost your online traffic and lower your blood pressure.

If you’re feeling unsure about hiring an SEO agency, let us convince you. Here are seven reasons you should consider hiring an SEO professional.

1. You Don’t Have Time

We understand that there are a lot of moving parts to running a business.

If you’re spending too much time on SEO and not enough on other aspects of your business, consider hiring an SEO professional. Hiring someone who knows about SEO will help relieve your stress and free up time to work on other aspects of your business.

2. Your Content Isn’t SEO Friendly

High-quality content doesn’t always equal SEO-friendly content.

If your content is good but doesn’t meet current SEO standards, it’s time to hire an SEO professional. An SEO writer will ensure your content is meeting SEO standards and remains high quality enough to actually rank.

3. You’ve Stopped Growing on Social Media

Social media can help boost brand awareness amongst your customers, but it’s natural for your growth to hit a plateau at some point.

When this happens, you’ll need new strategies to reach customers. That’s where SEO comes in.

SEO will help you reach more people via search engines and online traffic. It’s important to have an SEO professional who knows how to help you reach top search result spots.

4. Your Website Loads Slowly

Website speed is a key component of SEO ranking. If your website takes a long time to load, people will leave your site and your bounce rate will grow.

An SEO agency can diagnose website issues and optimize your website speed.

5. Your Website Never Reaches Top Search Spots

This is the number one reason to hire an SEO company.

Websites at the top of search results get the most clicks, so you need your website to rank. If your site isn’t getting enough online traffic, an SEO professional can help you analyze what’s working and what’s not in your keyword strategy.

6. Your Competition is Ranking Higher Than You

It’s extremely frustrating to work hard on SEO strategy only to have your competition rank higher than you.

An SEO agency will improve your SEO strategy to help you rank and improve your reputation.

7. Your Business is Growing

When you’ve exhausted your local market, it’s time for your business to grow.

To reach a new audience, you’ll have to rethink your keyword strategy to understand what your new audience is searching for.

The Bottom Line

If you’re in over your head and your current strategy isn’t yielding results, it’s time to hire an SEO professional. An SEO agency can increase your rank and help you reach more customers.

Consider these seven reasons to hire an SEO professional and decide whether you’re ready to grow your business. Check out our other articles on marketing and advertising for more information about SEO.

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