Several Techniques To Destroy Hard Disks For Data Safety

Several Techniques To Destroy Hard Disks For Data Safety
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The hard drive destruction is important in various organizations because there is a huge probability of critical data coming into the wrong hands. There are so many effective techniques to destroy hard drives. It is a good idea to make sure that data in the hard drive cannot be retrieved before giving it to a recycling or removalist company.

Think about the obstacles that your company will face after retrieving the data from your old hard drives by cybercriminals. The company will not just face financial loss, but their customers will also lose their trust in that company. Data breaches usually cost thousands to millions of dollars.

Therefore, it is very much important to search for the right technique for hard drive destruction such as Hard drive destroyer. Every year many companies bear huge losses due to data loss. If you do not want to be one of them, then consider looking for the right technique to destroy hard drives properly.

Well, there are so many HDD destroying techniques and some of them are discussed below:

1. Degaussing

Degaussing is one of the techniques which can be used for destroying hard drives permanently. In this process, special kind of devices is used. These devices contain strong magnetic items which force to scramble hard drive platter. Thus, after degaussing, data on that specific hard disk cannot be retrieved by anyone. Though it is very efficient this method has two disadvantages:

  • For using a degausser, special expertise is required.
  • Degausser is quite expensive.

Most people think that degausser is just generating magnetic fields to destroy the data on the hard disk. They think that any other strong can do the same. But it is not true because degausser produces very strong magnetic waves which cannot be produced by any ordinary magnet. It is impossible to generate a similar amount of energy with any other magnet.

2. Shredding

Another good way for destroying a hard drive is shredding. It is one of the most effective and environment-friendly ways to destroy hard drives without any problem. In this process, it is necessary to run the shredder machine which helps in cutting the hard disk into very small pieces.

The hard drives keep data on the platter and disintegrating the hard disk into small pieces will make the hard disk useless. There are advanced shredders that help in compressing the material into a compact form. If you want to save your company from a big loss of data, then it is recommended to invest in an HDD destroyer.

Make sure you invest in environmental-friendly shredders which do not lead to the spreading of harmful particles in the environment. Just like shredding, there are various other techniques such as mangling, crushing, etc.

In the shredding technique, the hard drive is inserted inside the machine. This machine blows hard drive with high pressure and led to its breakage. The shredders are very effective in destroying hard disks and prevent the company from big losses.

3. Disintegration

Many top organizations are looking for the top techniques to destroy the highly classified information of their business. The disintegration of the techniques which is used by various business owners for the destructions of their hard drives.

In this technique, a special disintegrator is required for destroying hard drives. The disintegrator is a device in which the conveyor system and knife are integrated. This system helps in cutting the hard disk into small pieces.

When the drive is disintegrated into very small particles, then malicious users will not able to access data from it. There are a few drawbacks to the data disintegration technique. The first one is that the disintegrators are very heavy and need some special type of electrical device. These machines are not good for the office ambiance.

4. Melting

In this process, the hard drives are dip inside the acid to destroy housing and platters. Well, it is one of the most effective hard drive destruction techniques, but it is quite dangerous as well. It is so because this process includes the usage of harmful acids and other chemicals.

These acids are harmful to the environment and the operator as well. The operators who are destroying the hard drives in these chemicals should wear appropriate gear. Usually, this process is not advisable because it involves huge risks.

5. Drilling

This process of hard disk destruction involves drilling the platter so that no one can access the data stored in it. It is also one of the best techniques for destroying hard disk drives. The drilling machines contain hammer or nail guns.


All of these techniques are good for hard disk shedding. You can choose any one of them at your convenience. The SSD destroyer is also available for efficient destruction of the SSD. You can also look out for various other devices for destroying data on hard disks at our HDD destroyer e-store.

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