Shopfronts – Unfolding The Concept Of The Planning Permission

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Get Permissions For Any Alterations

If you need any alterations in either the functioning or the appearance of the shopfronts, then you need to take permission for that. If you are considering the services for the roller shutter repair in London, then sometimes, it happens that you may end up experiencing the need for the replacement of both the shutters and the shopfronts. In such cases, you cannot go for the change as per your will.

Shopfronts - Unfolding The Concept Of The Planning Permission

As you might have guessed, today’s topic is going to be all about planning permission.


No Need To Take Permission If:

You need not take the permission in case you are planning for the minimal repairs or the alterations. But corroborate that the look of your shopfront should not be changed completely. If it will, then you may get subjected to medical claims.


How To Know If I Need The Planning Permission Or Not?

In that case, you have to apply for the lawful development certificate. This will help to prove if the considerable minor alterations to your shops are lawful or not. This certificate is required both for the proposed or the existing alterations.


In short, the lawful development certificate will help you to know if the alterations you’re carrying out lie in the legal sphere.


How Should I Get Assured Of Being Granted With The Planning Permission?

If you are taking the Pre-application advice from the right consultant, then you are likely to increase your chances of getting the planning permission.


How Are You Supposed To Apply?

You May Apply Through the National Planning Portal.


Why Planning Permission?

The Planning Permission committee was set up with the motive of matching the standards of the place. For example: If your shop or the property is situated in a conservative area, then in those areas, you cannot opt for the modernised shopfronts like those made with aluminium or the toughened glass. You can only choose the wooden shop fronts.


The planning permission ensures that none of the shop owners is going contrary to the rules and regulations of the particular place.


Which Kinds Of The Shopfronts May Encounter The Need For Undergoing The Alternatives?

Usually, all the shop fronts have a particular period after which they commence encountering the wear and tear. So summing up we can say that all the shopfronts may need the alterations after the specific period since their installation has passed.


Which Alterations May Be Considered As The Ones Which Do Not Require The Planning Permission?

The minimal change causing alterations like the changing of the handles and locks, altering the pulling and pushing operations and changing the moving parts of the shopfronts are some of the examples of shopfront repairs and alterations which do not require planning permission.


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