Significant Role of Pup Joints Types for Drilling

Significant Role of Pup Joints Types for Drilling
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Pup Joints Manufacturer

DIC OIL TOOLS is a leading Pup Joint Manufacturer in Ajman, UAE. This is an important part of Oilfield equipment. These are used to adjust the length of a string to its exact requirements. Pup joint is also used to adjust the depth of downhole tools. DIC offers various sizes and styles of pup joints to suit your needs or preference. Our Pup Joint is made from the highest quality API seamless tubing. We constantly work to improve our PUP Joint manufacturing process, with our dedicated heat treats line and full body ultrasonic inspection. All standard lengths 2’, 3’, 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’, 16’, 20, but any length can be specified. This is available in the Diameter Range from 2” to 20”. Also available in customized length and diameter as per customer requirements.

Below are the most important types of Pup Joint:

  • Tubing Pup Joint:  Our Tubing Pup Joint is made according to API 5CT specifications. Tubing is used as a depth identifier to a collar locator log or also used at the top of the well when spacing out a string before hanging the string. Tubing pup joints are made out of seamless tubing and machined to final dimensions, each fragment marked with a distinctive job number fully traceable. DIC is highly appreciated among clients for providing the best quality pup joint. Our all products are tested numerous times under technical guidance. We have standard and non-standard sizes available as per customer requirements. Our products have passed the ISO certification and API Certification. Tubing Pup Joint Grade includes: J-55, N80-1, N80-Q, L-80, P-110.
  • Casing Pup Joint: We are a Casing Pup Joint Manufacturer in Ajman, UAE. The Casing Pup Joint is mainly used to adjust the height of the casing strings. Also used to balance the depth of downhole tools. These are made as per API 5CT specifications. Casing Pup Joint is made from the best quality material. We have all sizes, grades, and thread profiles available as per customer requirements. The available outer diameter is 4½ – 13 3/8” and wall thickness is 6.35mm to 16.13mm. Customized lengths and diameters are also available upon request. Casing Pup Joint features high corrosion resistance and long running life.
  • Drill Pipe Pup Joints: Drill Pipe Pup Joints, an important drill stem component for special drilling or testing operations. These are mainly used to adjust the length of the drill string and are ordered to match all drill pipe dimensions. DIC products have passed the ISO certification and API certifications. This is available in lengths of 5ft, 10ft, 15ft & 20ft long. Type of tool joint: NC, IF, FH, XH, REG. The minimum yield strength of the pup joint is 120000 PSI. End Type: EU, IU, IEU.
  • Crossover Pup Joint: Crossover Pup Joint is frequently used to cross over from the size of a single connection to the other in the drill string. Our crossover pup joint is made from a seamless mechanical tube, each piece marked with the distinctive job number and heat number fully traceable. These are also used to adapt the standard 3-1/2” bypass system thread to the production tubing by the way of coupling. This is available in grades: J55/K55, N80, L80, L80-9Cr, L80-13Cr, C90, T95, C95, P110, and Q125. Wall Thickness: 2.87mm-16.13mm.
  • Perforated Pup Joint: These are usually installed between the bottom two nipples of a completion. Perforated Pup joint comes standard with a 200% flow area of the production string it is connected to. DIC has been serving the oil and gas industry across various parts of the world. This is available in diameter: 0.75” through 4.5” nominal O.D, and Length: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 ft. standard (Lengths up to 20’ available upon request). These products increase the accuracy and readability of acquired downhole production data, which otherwise would be distorted due to flow restrictions. Weights: Standard or Heavy Wall.
  • Integral Pup Joints: Integral Pup Joint is commonly used for transporting high-pressure flow in fracturing. DIC Pup Joint is made from high-quality alloy steel, integrally constructed; forged-ended features seamless upset constructions. These are available in different models, pressure, and temperature ratings. They are manufactured in two models; one is a plain integral pup joint and the second is pup joints with retaining shoulders. This is also available in standard and non-standard sizes. Nominal size: 11/2”, 2” 3”, 4”.
  • Drill Pipe:DIC is a Drill Pipe Manufacturer in UAE, an important tool for drilling in oil fields. The Center of the drill pipe is empty to allow drilling mud to be pumped down through it. These often run a thousand feet below the surface. Our Drill Pipes are manufactured and processed from the finest quality raw material. The available length is R1, R2, and R3. This product wall thickness is from: 6.5mm to 12.7mm or customized. Customized lengths and diameters are also available. The Size, Grade, and Quantity of the drill pipes depend on the design of the wall.
  • Tubing and Casing: DIC Tubing and Casing pipes play a major role in oil and gas production. Terminal union is forged together with pipe; it is capable of avoiding disassembling and ensures good sealing, small weight, convenient use, and fast installation.One time the casing is in place, tubing runs into the casing to transport the oil or gas. Available in Outer Diameter: 2 3/8” – 21”. DIC OIL TOOLS highly experienced dedicated team can meet the customized requirements of the customers.
  • Couplings: We are a Coupling Manufacturer with the best coupling stock from the seamless mill that has undergone our stringent qualification process. DIC Couplings are made as per the latest API specifications. We have also completely designed a heat-treated line for both casing and coupling stock. This is available in 2-3/8”, 2-7/8”, and 3 – 1/2″ OD for tubing. DIC Provides a customized size range as per request. Couplings are available in grades: H40, J55, K55, N80, R95, L80, C90, T95, P110, and Q125.

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