Smart Ways of Using Angular in 2021: 7 Popular Examples

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Ongoing trends prove that modern web frameworks like Angular are on the edge of overriding traditional technologies like JQuery. However, it’s quite simple to get caught up in the decade-long history and popularity trends of AngularJS. As a product owner, you might be wondering about the force that drove Angular to be so admirable and how best fortune 500 companies leverage this extensive front-end web framework to their benefits.

With tech giants like Samsung and Microsoft using Angular, the platform has got a stellar reputation. Over time, Angular has been brought into exposure, convincing popular companies, such as PayPal, Upwork, and Deutsche, of its quality.

Whether it’s Delta airlines deploying Angular to show real-time airfare information or massive online payment systems like PayPal using AngularJS for its transition and checkout portals, the graph of various companies that use Angular has emerged exponentially over the past few years.

Here, we will look at the seven pioneering companies that use Angular in their ongoing web development pro & app development projects.

Introduction to AngularJS?

Originally built in 2009 by Adam Abrons and Misko Hevery, AngularJS is one of the most prominent open-source frameworks to build versatile single-page web apps.

Angular’s initial release entertained the global market in 2016, now it is maintained by Google.

According to the official documentation of AngularJS, It is more or less a structural framework for developing dynamic web apps.

Angular lets you use HTML as a base template language, allowing you to extend the syntax of HTML and succinctly express application components with only a few code lines. Furthermore, AngularJS tools help to remove the excess code that you would have to write usually by taking benefits of dependency injection and data binding.

Since everything happens within your browser, Angular is one of the ideal contributors to couple with any modern server technology.

How is Angular Beneficial for Companies?

Most of the companies use Angular as the front-end technology of their MEAN stack, including:

  • Angular.js for front-side development;
  • MongoDB database;
  • Node.js server runtime IDE;
  • Express.js web app server.

Fundamental Features of Angular

Angular possesses an array of unique fundamental features, making it a crucial competitor with top frameworks.

Cross-Platform Technology

The Angular framework allows you to build progressive web apps (PWA). By deploying PWA, you can offer an application-like experience to the users on your websites.

Angular also offers a staple hybrid mobile software development kit (SDK), Ionic. It allows you to ship applications to the iOS app store, web applications, and Google Play Store simultaneously without any hustle to build platform-specific applications separately.

In the long run, this feature saves added effort and time, securing the best return on investment sooner rather than later.

Two-way Data Binding

Angular automatically syncs information between model and view components. This enables you to smoothly build interactive apps without any worries of manually pulling and pushing the information.

For businesses that use AngularJS, this translates to saving time and the cost of hiring web developers to pull and push information sources.

Low Code Technology

In contrast to various front-end tech stacks, Angular was built as a low code framework. As a result, your development team no longer needs to exhaust themselves while writing separate code for linking model-view-controller (MVC) layers.

High-Speed Performance

By transforming templates into clean semantic code, Angular gives a new definition to modern JavaScript virtual machines. In addition, it leverages hand-written code to a higher level through optimal rendering capabilities and high-speed page loading time.

7 Popular Websites Built With Angular 

Various industry websites have leveraged Angular to their benefit, somewhere from airline customer transaction systems to some famous email services.

For example, the developer portal of Deutsche Bank uses Angular to showcase relevant API data. In contrast, one of the world’s most active email clients, Gmail, utilizes Angular to show its single-page inbox system to over 1.5 billion active monthly users around the world.

Microsoft Office

The multinational tech giant Microsoft initially launched Office on 19th November 1990. Statista’s latest report says that Microsoft achieved 145 million active users per day in April 2021.

Among the ones that use Angular, Microsoft took one of the valiant approaches. The expansion of Microsoft Office into the 21st century was significant due to its streamlined migration to the internet.


Gmail was built as a single-page emailing app in 2004, considered the perfect use case for incorporating AngularJS.

Every time a user launches Google’s email service, the web application loads a single HTML page while updating data based on new notifications and messages.

Whether you’re drafting a message, reading an email, or switching tabs, AngularJS manages every action within a single webpage.


Santander Bank initially started its services in Spain, gradually establishing its principal market in the Northeastern United States.

The Global Tech and Operations page of Santander says, Its team of over 2,000 people uses Angular in seven nations to build financial web solutions.


In April 2020 alone, the subscription-based magazine, Forbes, touched new heights by achieving 173.5 million page visits. The publishing company promotes responsive user experience and fast page loading time with AngularJS in its front end.

With Angular, articles and stories can self-update smoothly within seconds of a new release for subscribers to view.

Forbes established a clear example as one of the most famous publishing companies that used Angular. This is because Angular can manage the publishing requirements of 21st-century journalism.


Paypal Holdings Inc. is a prime American company that operates an enormous online payment system globally. It supports quick online money transfer transactions and acts as a third-party electronic alternative to old paper techniques like money orders and checks.

PayPal deploys Angular to build dynamic web pages that offer real-time notifications of PayPal transaction information. So, we can say that Angular functions are the foundation behind the responsive mobile and web app experience of PayPal.

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Angular is a global framework with the potential to transform the interactivity and functionality of your web apps for the better. Single-page web applications like Upwork and Gmail make Angular work for their benefit. However, in 2021, nothing is stopping new enterprises from combining Angular with their existing tech stack. If you want to make Angular work for your business, you need to hire Angularjs developers to create and scale web apps with JavaScript effectively.


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