Social network for Marketing – A B2B Marketer’s Story

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“I need another social network for B2B market, not Facebook and LinkedIn,” I thought. “But I don’t have much time to spend hours and days on new social networks that mean nothing to me,” I told myself.

I’m really not sure if I should use Snapchat for business purposes due to disagreements in my circle of friends. But somehow it caught my attention and I decided to try it myself.

Plus, HubSpot’s take on Snapchat that “it could be great for B2B market” prompted me to take a closer look at Snapchat. And I find myself a little curious and at least think about what it is?

So, one day I decided to do an experiment and see if it suited my needs or not.

First hand – at Snapchat

I used Google and YouTube to get all the information I could to launch Snapchat and eventually download the app from the Play Store. When I see the app icon, it reminds me of the early 21st century when I started using Facebook and everyone loved making new friends and sharing photos and videos.

A thought occurred to me: Will I follow the same old trends on Snapchat as adults do on Facebook? At first glance, that didn’t interest me. I feel like I have the old “share and post” stuff we used to do on Facebook.

I started experimenting with Snapchat, then I wanted to stick with this app.

You can take a short video by long-pressing the circular record icon and you can take a photo by tapping the phone screen. Apart from that, you can add images, emojis, colors or text, etc. Hardcore Snapchat users generally love geofilters, duplicate filters, and filters. But I don’t like going crazy and doing all these things on Snapchat.

Network with people

The next stage after the first hands-on experience is finding ways to connect with people. Here I have to figure out how people follow me and how I get back. However, I did give the app access to my contacts and found out who was already using Snapchat. In addition, I did some quick Google searches to track people using Snapchat keywords. As a result, I started following some of my friends and asked some friends to follow me on Snapchat.

A big part of my interest is seeing how users discover brands on Snapchat. So I chose a friend of mine who asked him to tell me about branding on Snapchat. This is how I managed to add friends and quickly build a friends list.

I added several brands with their usernames and started following them.

No matter how much I’ve used this app, the more I like it. I immerse myself in the stories of different brands and also of some friends. At the end of the month, I enjoy my Snapchat moments. But besides all the fun, with this app I also make sure that I don’t get a little addicted. Because I believe that the more time you spend using social media apps, the more hours you waste in a day and can become counterproductive.

What is there for traders?

From a marketing point of view, I do not find this application important for an effective B2B marketing strategy. For the B2C industry, companies like GE (General Electric) and Ever lane are solving the problem by exploring a new generation of consumers or buyers. Snapchat attracts only a fraction of the dollar compared to major social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

However, if we look at the B2B industry, business buyers who make wholesale transactions are less likely to use Snapchat for B2B purchases and business correspondence. On the other hand, the financial transactions of the B2B industry cover a large amount. However, I don’t see Snapchat making any trades after 26,000.

Snapchat can add value to trending videos, but it is very limited as the videos are sometimes missing. This element separates Snapchat from most of the B2B marketers I’ve observed.

However, there are scenarios here where Snapchat can make sense for B2B marketing. They are mentioned below:

B2B events:

In the B2B industry, there are many live events that can be uploaded to Snapchat, for example.

Sharing videos of live business events can spread positive word of mouth among the target audience.

Strengthen the brand image

In the same context, launching a new product or brand, sponsoring a sporting event, sharing customer reviews or product reviews can strengthen your brand in your target market.

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You can experiment with videos of different themes and lengths by uploading them to Snapchat. Make sure your branded products and videos are as compelling as possible and that they also align with your branding and marketing strategy. Video marketing on Snapchat can play an important role in the success of your content marketing.

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