Some WordPress features you had no idea about!

Some WordPress features you had no idea about!
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As we know, WordPress’s features are constantly updated with time, but it just doesn’t end here! With the growing popularity of WordPress, only the most popular features stay in the limelight. However, there are some fantastic other features as well which deserve our attention. So let’s talk about some WordPress features that you wish you had known about earlier!

Hide and show contents according to your preferences

There is an options button in the WordPress admin region that you can see on the admin pages. This button basically allows you to decide what you want to hide or show on the screen currently viewing. Most people do not know about this feature, especially beginners. This is a great tool to modify your admin page the way you want it to be. Remember that customization is very important. You would be at a significant advantage if you have the choice to make decisions about what you want to see on the screens accordingly.

Make changes to dashboard widgets

If you’ve used WordPress at any point, you would know that it directs users to the dashboard page whenever they log in. This dashboard page where they land has many shortcuts that can lead to different sections of your website. These sections are then further divided into boxes which we refer to as dashboard widgets. So basically, you have the option to click on the screen button if you wish to hide or show these. The best WordPress Website Design Services are those that allow you to make all these changes exactly how you want them to be.

Change themes without activating them

Understanding the importance of aesthetics, WordPress has an option to check these themes before they finalize one. This holds significance because if you activate teams every time you check for the best one, there can be consequences. So one of the best features is that you can actually try out different themes to see which one looks best without activating it. If you have to activate each team why are you just testing them, it will end up being a hassle. To solve this problem WordPress has very smartly included this feature that allows you to test and choose.

And then once you’ve chosen a suitable theme, you can then activate it.

Edit imagery all you want

Moreover, we know how vital imagery is. With WordPress Web Design Service, it is very easy to add images to your pages. However, most people do not know that there are some great editing features that you need to check out! Since you can now edit the pictures right on the page, you have the option to crop, resize, rotate or even flip the image. These features are beneficial when you do not have any other adjustments except for minor changes you can make on the spot. Sounds great. If this was not the case, users would have to go back to any image editing software and then edit the images there and then paste them back on WordPress. It would make the process many times longer and more complicated. Therefore with this feature of editing the pictures right along as per your requirement you can save a lot of time that you would spend on switching between apps!

You can split pages

Moving on, another great feature is that you can split one image into different pages. But how? You’ll get to know! By adding a <! -next page-> you can split your content into two pages. Oh, and if you want to split further, tag the same again! This feature is convenient when you have a very long text, and you don’t want your customers just to keep scrolling all day!

Embed links from other pages

Do you want to directly link content from different social media, for example, YouTube or Instagram? Don’t worry; WordPress has got you covered! All you need to do is copy and paste the URL from the sides you want, and you’re done. Then, WordPress would embed it for you!

Have your shortcuts!

Not to forget, WordPress can now help you with shortcuts that can help you write faster. Moreover, you can also access formatting shortcuts. So this way, just by formatting a shortcut, you can access it more easily.

Therefore, if you wish to develop your website, Custom WordPress Design Service is right for you!

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