Speedy Websites with Gatsby WordPress

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Website development has brought together two different technologies to increase the speed of website development and loading. On one side there is the Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress managing all in one platform.

Gatsby is an open-source framework based on React.js for developing modern stack websites and applications. Although WordPress holds the greater market share in terms of websites yet you cannot create a modern front-end that can load faster in WordPress that can be done with some other latest trends and you have to bring in another tool to increase the pace.

Certain reason for using Gatsby with WordPress are;

  • WordPress is updated almost regularly and it is one of the finest CMS in the market, it holds the capability of keeping the plugins and the features fully updated.
  • WordPress supports continuous deployment and is fully compatible to get integrated with other technologies like Gatsby.
  •  We do not expect everyone to learn languages and frameworks like JavaScript and React to develop a modern website, rather going codeless is a much better option most of the people opt for website development.
  • Gatsby is the static site generator that has no limitation over building a robust front-end that has faster speed and turn around time. The images that you add on your websites takes less time in loading through Gatsby making the website proactive.

Integrating the two ends

If you are a beginner and do not have any development skills you can still integrate your website using the Jamstack technology with Gatsby and WordPress. On one hand, the WordPress working as the headless CMS is capable of creating dynamic websites using PHP, MySQL you can create the static version of it simply by generating the HTML from WordPress and passing it to the static site generating like Gatsby. This static version is commonly known as Headless WordPress where the front-end is not available for view and an outer source is used to fulfil the purpose.

Gatsby, on the other hand, gets the code from headless WordPress and displays on its theme and designed front-end. Gatsby is built with ReactJS and is integrated with WordPress and powered by GraphQL APIs that also rests on the headless WordPress. Gatsby is a modern technique of designing the websites through visual editors and have thousands of options of designs adding Jamstack benefits to your website.

Two Way Process of Responsiveness

It is not one-way traffic that you created content on WordPress and integrated with Gatsby to generate the static version of the website. The forms and the comments on the websites are responsive and have to get linked with the back-end of the website i.e. WordPress where the DB is available. This is also performed by GraphQL APIs controlling any response from the static site generated is routed to the WordPress database. The form completed on the website or the comments have been stored back in the CMS using APIs.

There is another responsiveness on Gatsby wherein a change identified in the content on the back-end i.e. Gatsby WordPress Theme is checked through GraphQL APIs and the new version of the static front-end website is updated keeping the website fully updated with the latest database.

The world is going global on the web and the trend of digital existence has increased to a greater extent creating enough room for website development to flourish and established introducing new technologies and architecture. Therefore Jamstack websites have established at a greater extent bringing in headless WordPress and Gatsby into action and changing the way websites should look and process.



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