Taking care of Skin in Several Ways

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Skin is the largest organ of the body. Its surface is spread over the entire body. Skin is the only organ that is directly exposed to the outer world. Therefore, it comes in direct contact with the various elements present in the environment. From dirt, pollution, pathogens, bacteria to wounds and scars, everything makes an impact on the skin. The impact made on skin requires special attention depending on which part of the skin has been affected. Skin is present in different textures in different parts of the body. The skin on the face and the skin on our hands and feet are poles apart in texture. One is extremely soft and the other is a bit hard and firm. Therefore the methods or products of their treatment vary equally. For the upper skin or face, it is advised to use products that have fewer chemicals and more natural elements present to maintain its softness and keep it clear. Whereas for the hands’ alcohol based sanitizer is recommended to keep them germ-free and soft because most of the daily work is done by our hands and they are constantly in use.

Another thing that plays a very important role in choosing a suitable product for the skin is determining the skin type. The skin type of an individual varies from one another. Oily skin type requires a kind of treatment that soaks the excess moisture and controls the oil on the skin. On the other hand, dry skin type requires a treatment that provides a little bit extra moisture to the skin and retains it. These are some of the determining factors which choosing a product for the skin.

Hands are working agents of our bodies. All our daily activities are done by us using our hands. They remain in direct contact with other parts of the skin as well. Therefore it is essential to take good care of them and keep them healthy and clean and most importantly germ-free. For that reason, the use of alcohol-based sanitizers is highly advised. Sanitizers that contain more than seventy percent of alcohol are considered as the best sanitizers in India. Some of the essential properties of sanitizers are as follows:

  • They help in washing the hands without water. Sometimes it becomes quite a job to repeatedly wash hands using soap or liquid soap with water to get rid of dirt. Sanitizers just use one step to cleanse the hands off the dirt.
  • They are portable. Carrying a sanitizer is no difficult job. It is manageable and can be carried in a pocket. It relieves you of the tension of how to clean your hands before food or something.
  • It cleans the hands thoroughly leaving no germs behind. Therefore it reduces the fear of getting any foreign particle inside.
  • Mostly it keeps the hands soft. It doesn’t harm the skin in the process of cleaning the germs.
  • It keeps away infections from the hands. It protects the hands.

There are various ways to take care of the skin and each of them is essential in their field.

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