Surprisingly Jaipur Hails with Competitive Test Tube Baby Cost in India

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Babies born by assisted reproductive technology are called test-tube babies. Before coming to the cost of a Test-Tube Baby in India, you should have a detailed understanding of its treatment process. Test-Tube Baby Cost Treatment or IVF is an artificial solution to infertility. Unlike other fertility treatments, IVF is a popular option. Couples who cannot conceive even after trying for a year support the birth of a baby by a test tube.

However, IVF does not promise 100% pregnancy, and its price is also comparatively high to other treatments. So let’s know how technology creates a life.

The Basic Test-Tube Baby Treatment Process in India

Affordable Test Tube Treatment in India at Mishka IVF

Are you aware that IVF specialists carry the test-tube baby treatment out in several stages, and each procedure has its own cost? If not, then it is a fact.

In the test tube procedure, the specialist mixes eggs and sperm in a tube and hopes for fertilization. The result of fertilization is an embryo for the full development in the uterus. The first phase of IVF treatment is prolonged, and its process lasts for about 12 to 14 days. In the early stages, experts give the woman hormonal injections and fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries. By taking regular medicines, the eggs will mature sooner and will be secreted further.

After this, the doctor removes fertile eggs from the vagina by the egg retrieval process.

In the next step, the sperm is collected and mixed for fertilization.

IVF treatment completely devoted the fertility process to healthy fertilization, which is why doctors pay a lot of attention to this part. The cost of fertility in India will also depend on the fertilization method and success.

So once the sperm of the male partner reaches the cytoplasm of the egg, successful fertilization takes place. After fertilization, when the embryo is ready, the doctor will perform a microscopic surgery to place it in the uterus.

One more thing to keep in mind in this process is that if the embryo sticks to the endometrial lining after installation, then the chances of IVF success will be high.

Why Test Tube Baby Treatment Cost differs?

Since each couple has a different biological structure hence the causes of infertility are different in all. There are some couples whose cause of infertility is not clear. But the hope of having a child introduces them to technology, and they turn to artificial solutions. After consulting an expert, you will be able to know the cause of infertility and this gives you an idea of ​​the cost. The Test-Tube Baby cost is still cannot be estimated accurately. For example, if the female is not able to produce healthy eggs due to natural restrictions, despite all the efforts, then she will have to go for the donor egg. Similarly, if the male sperm is weak and cannot move at an average speed, then the donor sperm is taken. Hence, these two factors will make a difference in the Test- Tube Baby Cost in India.

The Basic & Advanced Test-Tube Baby Cost in India

A spontaneous test tube baby treatment is meant when a couple provides healthy eggs and sperm for fertilization. When both the partners contribute their share, there will be no need to resort to any other technology. So the treatment in this stage will be economic, and the average cost will be around ₹ 1,75,000 per cycle.

But when ART techniques are used in the treatment, obviously, the cost increases because the couple cannot provide the necessary ingredients for the embryo, then IVF will be performed by donor egg or donor sperm which is part of advanced treatment. Due to this, there will be a fixed increase in cost.

How IVF Centers in Jaipur Providing Affordable IVF Treatment in India

Mishka IVF center in jaipur provides affordable test-tube baby cost | Best Infertility Hospital/Centre/Clinic

Mishka IVF in Jaipur is attracting sterile couples from major cities of the country as it offers excellent fertility treatment at affordable prices. With all the facilities, including donor egg and donor sperm. The centre has maintained an excellent success rate for the last many years. The cost of the test-tube baby in Mishka IVF centre can range from 1 lac to 1. 20 lac. Although later, it will depend on many more factors that rate is valid for a basic IVF treatment. Hence Mishka IVF is providing affordable test-tube baby cost in Jaipur. Here are the steps of IVF treatment at Mishka IVF.

  1. Specialist consultation
  2. Ovary stimulation
  3. Regular pills and hormonal injection
  4. Each follows up
  5. Ultrasounds tests
  6. Eggs collection
  7. Fertilization
  8. Embryo transfer
  9. Post care

The above list is for basic test-tube baby treatment in any IVF centre, and each has a separate cost which makes up the total cost.


The test-tube baby cost or IVF treatment cost in Jaipur is low compared to other cities in India. The centres here have made quality an important standard. So the focus of this entire blog is to make you aware of the IVF process and how affordable treatment is being provided in Jaipur.

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