The Use of Capacitor Trip Devices

Use of Capacitor Trip Devices
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Capacitor trip devices are a common choice for medium voltage circuit bracers. Secondary applications for device lockout relays are powered from the AC supply and in a control power transformer. There is a separate CTD that is required for each circuit breaker. CTDs need to be connected through parallel and multiple loads.

The basic trip capacitor device is a very simple device. It is connected over a bridge rectifier and half-wave rectifier for a normal ac control power supply. The charging time on the capacitor is based on the vicinity of cycles and the capacitor is isolated with 0 continuous loads connected. The protective relay on board leads to stored capacity energy which is released to trip the circuit breaker or trip the lockout relay.

The ac supply voltage in a capacitor will charge to the peak and the capacitor has the voltage of the incoming supply maintained when the system is properly boosted. The AC voltage can be lost as the capacitor discharges and if the trip command begins, the charged capacitor will be released to trip out the circuit breaker.

The size of the capacitor is selected to ensure it is at a size to properly operate in the trip coil for the breaker. The capacitor size and magnitude are designed to serve the ideal minimum.

If you are considering the installation of a capacitor trip device, it is important to set the allowable range in the supply to the perfect level. The value testing and working with a skilled manufacturer can be important here. By finding the right device to serve your needs, you can make sure that the system installed will be of high quality and properly optimized for use with your wide range of electronics.

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