A Quick Guide to the Types of Timeshares

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Getting enough sunshine can contribute to numerous health benefits such as enhanced emotional well-being, better sleep, and increased energy. If you enjoy vacationing in the sunshine, buying a timeshare could be a great option for you.

But what are the different types of timeshares available for you to buy? Knowing your options can help you make an informed decision and make it easier to find the ideal timeshare for your vacationing requirements.

That’s why we’ve written this brief post to introduce you to the various timeshare types.

Keep reading to find out more about timeshares.

Deeded Timeshare

With this type of timeshare ownership, you receive a deed for your week on the property. As you own the deed, you can sell it or rent it out. This can be a fantastic option for buyers, and you can learn more about purchasing a timeshare in gorgeous locations by visiting a top-class timeshare resale online website.

Right to Use Timeshare

Having a right to use timeshare means you’ll sign a contract confirming how many years you’ll have ownership of the specified week. Although it is not the same as a deeded option, you can still sell your timeshare.

Leasehold Timeshare

Leasehold timeshares come with an expiration date, which may not be ideal if you decide you want to keep your timeshare indefinitely. However, you may be offered an opportunity to renew the lease before other buyers.

Timeshare Subtypes

Within the above timeshare vacation categories, there are several subtypes. These each have their own advantages that may appeal to you when buying a timeshare.

Fixed Week

This is a straightforward subtype, and you can visit your timeshare during the same week each year. This could be perfect if you have a set time when it suits you to go on vacation. But, it may be less useful if you enjoy having a flexible schedule.


Floating week timeshares allow you to choose a week when you can visit the property within a specified season. You may enjoy the stability of being able to enjoy pleasant weather, but appreciate the opportunity to vacation during different weeks each year.


A points-based timeshare allows you to stay at various timeshare properties owned by the operator. This can be attractive if you’d like to have the option to visit different locations each year, or to stay in the same resort where you always have a good time.

Investing in Timeshares Could Be for You

If you’re interested in timeshares, it’s important to understand the various available options. Deeded timeshares can be fantastic if you’re planning for the longer term, while leasehold timeshares may be more suitable if you’re looking for a less lengthy option. In addition, the different timeshare subtypes give you a range of choices when it comes to organizing your vacation week according to your schedule and your destination preferences.

If you’ve found this timeshare post helpful, be sure to check out more of our excellent blog articles before you go.

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