Tips for Preparing Your Home for Viewing

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Trying to get a good price on your valuable property? You should know a few things that can help you lay the best impression on potential buyers. So, let’s get right down to it.


The first thing you need to do is to make sure that the property shows enough space. If you’re preparing your flat, villa or apartment for sale in Dubai, you need the buyers to be impressed, which isn’t possible if the living space is cluttered with your stuff.

Decluttering means you need to take out all the unnecessary items from your house that you don’t need. This will not only help display a spacious apartment, but it will also ease your moving since you won’t have a lot to pack.

Take out all the unnecessary decorations and furniture that is taking up a big chunk of space. Even if you have some things that you need to take with you, pack them and store them in a box. Organizing adequately makes a lot of space.


You might be cleaning your residence on a regular basis but this time, do it very thoroughly. This doesn’t just include regular sweeps of the floor and the walls. You need to look at the corners that normally get a lot of attention.

People don’t tend to take care of the spaces behind the doors of each room. Furthermore, you should take care of any cracks and torn off wallpapers or worn off paint on the walls.

It’s important to take care of the cracks on the floor as well. If you have tiles, you should have them changed. Small repairs can make up for a lot when it comes to the overall asking price of your residence.


Although you should have the least amount of space covered, you can still go for aesthetic beauty. This can include the colour of the room walls and the decorations that go with them.

Try going for design features that make your residence look appealing. One doesn’t have to be an interior designer to know what goes and you don’t have to have it all redone just for viewing.

For starters, you can go with an accent wall that justifies the environment of the rooms. Lining up the furniture next to the walls in a pleasant order can look nice.

However, don’t go too far as to completely fill the place with your own sense of taste. You don’t want the buyers to think that they can’t make this their own home.

Other than this, make the overall appearance and atmosphere of the home delightful and welcoming. Some people have even tried using scented candles to have a friendly aura and needless to say, it works.


Nothing puts a buyer off than a dark and gloomy environment. You need to make sure that there is enough light around the apartment to make everything visible. 

If there are windows, make sure to clean them and have them provide natural sunlight. If there are areas around the apartment that are not getting enough light, get lighting fixtures installed. You can also opt for table or floor lamps to brighten the area.


Some apartments have a balcony that can be great for this but even if yours doesn’t, it’s okay. You can have a few pots of well-groomed plants on the tables and on the side of the windows that give off a natural vibe.

 This adds to the scenery of the house and ultimately promotes the homeliness of any residence. Moreover, plants also attract the attention of the viewers so you can use them to direct their sight towards places you want them to see.

The Bathrooms

One of the key features of any residence that everyone notices and judges are the bathrooms. You might have a small bathroom in your apartment but that doesn’t mean it can’t appear to be a spa. Make sure there is no mess or hair around the floor.

The showers must be shining and the mirrors should be reflecting everything without a dot. Arrange the towels and the toiletries like soap, shampoos, etc. properly. And make sure to close the toilet before the viewers enter the house.  


Every Dubai property can be modified to appeal to all sorts of customers. However, you should make sure that you do everything right and have a welcoming attitude along with everything stated above. 

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